Allen D. Merchant

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Allen D. Merchant
Age: 17
Personality: Ever since Allen was a calm and peaceful nature, usually well tempered and open. He is easy to befriend and adapts quickly to any social aspect of a situation. He is interest in a vast amount of things, reading, computer, sports, esoteric, science, arts... he got from everything a little, until he gets bored and goes over to the next thing. But mostly he is a chummy fellow who seeks the company of others, while the reason for a gathering is unimportant. He is smart, but socially too active to be called a nerd. Non the less did he recently join a certain Role playing group to try it out.
He is miserable when alone, and rather would come along on a trip he doesn't like than staying behind.

Family: Mother (Mary, Single (divorced), living on alimony)); Father (Richard, Single (divorced), living elsewhere, wealthy)). No siblings.

Some more notes: - He's learned some Judo and Aikido, but doesn't have any belts, seeing how he never took an exam. He only learned for the fun of it.
- He knows how to use throwing knifes, and finds it to be a quite enjoyable sport. More enjoyable then archery and gun shooting, which he tried once, too.
Extra Notes: It isn't confirmed, but the rumors have it that he is a-sexual, seeing how he didn't have any girlfriend or boyfriend yet.

Pre accident

Gender: male
Height: 5'10"
Build: Sinewy/Skinny (The athletic kind without the beef)
Hair: Short, dark brown.
Eyes: Brown-green
Skin-tone: Tanned Caucasian
Race: Human
Appearance: Only mildly attractive, skinny boy with a winning smile and always clean but ordinary clothes.

Post accident

Gender: male
Height: 5'10"
Build: Sinewy/Skinny (The athletic kind without the beef)
Hair: none
Eyes: Golden
Skin-tone: A shining white which sometimes shimmers. Kind of like nacre. It doesn't burn in the sun or something and has nothing to do with Albinism.
Race: Human....ish
Appearance: Aside from the change in eyes and skin and the loss of his hair, Allen still looks the same...
Abilities: His new skin seems able to produce and store massive amounts of Electricity. This is different from classic Electrokinesis, seeing how he has no active control over the electricity, just over whether and where his skin releases it. He also is immune to all forms of electricity, even to lightnings. In fact he can store that Electricity up, too.
The fact that he can't direct the electricity makes this power mostly touch based, though he can release enough to create huge sparks which jump over up to several yards... he just can't control them and wouldn't want to hurt anyone close by.

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