Altair (Fantasy RP)

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Altair is a Character that will be played by Bainhart in the Fantasy RP


  • Name: Altair
  • Age: 25
  • Race: Lou
  • Class: Dragoon
  • Appearance: He has short grayish brown hair. He also has my trademark hairstyle of a Scruffy Greyish/Brown cut short in the front' put into a five inch long ponytail. He has Grey-blue eyes. His skin is slightly tanned. He wears a White Gi with intricate runes around the edges which functions more like a jacket and his Haori is cut off at shorts-length, resembling loose-fitting Blue Bermuda shorts. He also wears Black fingerless gloves.On his right wrist he wears blue Buddhist Beads. Around his neck he wears a string of large blue Buddhist beads. On his left arm he has three light purple hexagons shaped like a triangle. On hisbac he wears his spear which is connected to his body by a strap that has a pad with alternating purple and green triangle. This has too small rings that attach and can be easily detached for quick combat. His spear is actually a Tsuki Nari Yari and looks like a pole arm that had a crescent blade for a head. He knows one spell, One to summon Bahomet armor.
  • History: He lived Panthera for majority of his life, despite being Lou. This is where learned his great survival skills, being that they're really big on that. This is also the reason he prefers warm climate. He learned is skills as a Dragoon from an Elderly Pantheran named Alshain. He is very respectful to superiors from years of conditioning to this. He currently is a wandering...vagabond. Prefers to be call a Mercenary.
  • Personality: Sometimes he can act polite and cheery, but mostly has a terrible attitude and enjoys degrading others. Knows far more than any person should without effort. Not entirely willing to share his information. He has a fairly calm, laid back attitude, and seems to prefer self-enjoyment more then actual success. He is always ready to defend her pride, and doesn't take any insults from anybody. However to those who have earned his respect, Altair is a very loyal friend. He is willing to defend their honor just as she would her own. He plays dumb often and is not surprised easily, but pretends to be.
  • Theme Song: Evening Star by Dragonforce. (This is a play on the name Altair. The brightest Star in the Constellation Aquilla.)
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