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The Amon Star class is a type of fast-battleship operated by the EGSDF Space Navy, and the first class of capital ship designed by said navy. It is intended for heavy ship-to-ship combat, and is typically deployed as part of a battle group.



At the end of the Crossover Wars, the need for a Mayhem-native class of heavy warship became apparent. The EGSDF could not always expect their allies to provide ships, and needed a class of ship that could meet the unique needs of an organization such as the Force. Such a ship would need to have the range and endurance to operate unsupported for long periods of time. It would need to be flexible enough to perform multiple missions, including troop transport, aircraft carrying, and general scientific missions. It would also need to be able to travel between separate universes rapidly and without error. Designing and building such a ship was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the EGSDF Navy. Three ships were secretly constructed within the MOC's shipyards. The lead ship of the class, the MSC Amon Star, named for the late sub-commander, was completed shortly after the events at the Mall.


The Amon Star class is a flexible, long-range warship with group-support capabilities. To provide these group support capabilities, the class is designed with an oversized superluminal/transuniversal drive. This allows the star class to 'tow' smaller ships along with it on missions, meaning that these other ships can be simpler, and cheaper, to produce. The Star class also includes an enlarged bridge/ops center that is specifically designed to function as a forward command post for the fleet. This is crucial for operations that travel to other universes, where communication with Naval command can be slow or nonexistent.

Modular Mission System

The most unique feature of the Amon Star class is the addition of interchangeable mission modules. These modules can be developed rapidly, and allow the Star class to be adapted to different roles. As of this writing, classes of mission module include:

  • Troop Transport module: fills half of the bay, and can typically hold two marine battalions, including support personnel and deployment craft. Capacity may be diminished during extended missions, dependent on supply needs.
  • Hangar Module: Occupying half of the bay, this module can accommodate two 80-strong air wings.
  • Artillery Module: Occupies one quarter of the bay, and provides strong orbital-bombardment capability.
  • Sensor/Science Module: Occupies one quarter of the bay, and includes a vast array of powerful sensors. Can serve double-duty as surveillance equipment and scientific exploration equipment.

The star class is typically equipped with one each of the troop transport and hangar modules.


  • Sixteen heavy beam cannons, arranged in eight double turrets
  • Fifty two medium beam cannons, arranged in twenty six double turrets
  • Twenty four vertical launch system tubes
  • Various point-defense systems

Sublight propulsion

  • Gravitic drive, maximum acceleration: 2300 G
  • Plasma thrusters, maximum acceleration: 12 G (used as backup)
  • Reaction control system

Superluminal propulsion

  • Spacewarp drive, maximum velocity: 10,000,000C.
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