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vampiress_kat's character in H. G. Wells High RP



Name: Andrea Kale Age: 15 Grade: 10 Birthday: 1st of May Height: 160 cm Weight/Build: About 63, 64 kilos. Doesn't look overweight - rather, her build is one with more body in it. She is heavy chested (*coughD-Cupcough*) and has hips to match. Eyes: Grey-blue Hair: A dark, slightly reddish sort of brown.


She is rather pale-skinned, and has glasses because she is shortsighted. Her hair is usually tied at the back of her head in a sort of fountain.


She's on a scholarship. She comes from a middle-class family, so while normal payment wouldn't be completely out of her parents' league, it would put a strain on their finances. However, she managed to get a 50% scholarship, with her parents paying for the other half.


She has a loud, deep voice that she makes good use of when she's being random and hyperactive. She loves hugs, and hugs everyone she knows. Even if she's only known them for 5 minutes. She's usually happy, bubbly and hyperactive. There is very little that can get her down for long. Despite usually voicing her opinions and other mayhem as loud as possible, she gets shy when asked about herself. She gets especially shy when asked about love and her opinion, which leads up to the next point - although she is happy, she has rather low self-esteem in relation to her looks and her abilities. She is very protective of those she is close to, often feeling like a second mother to her younger brother. She's a bit of a tomboy also - this manifests itself in her behaviour often. Andrea also took Taekwondo for self-defense and to keep fit. She got her black-belt when she was 13 and practices 3 times a week (although, since joining this school, she might have to cut down on that, or do it during her spare time in the gym).


Major: Fine Arts Minor: Drawing etc. Supplementary: Life Skills

Other Information

Andrea likes to be prepared. Even though it's not shown in the picture, she almost always has her backpack with her. In one section of it (away from the book section) are the following things: Sketchbook Tiny pencil case with a pacer, leads, rubber, sticky tape and a tiny stapler Duct tape Small iron frying pan (quite light and quite small) A large ball of string (it's always handy) Chocolate and candy (at least a bag of each) Matches Pocket knife (on which there is also a can-opener, pliers, and scissors) Small tea-towel Regular towel Small fluffy cat toy (to distract Sora if needed) Enough 'Drink Me' drink and 'Eat Me' cookie for one more time. (Meaning turning small and then back, or vice-versa) A calculator Small first-aid kit

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