Andrew Majeed Oleum

From Egs Mayhem

Brief Description

Andrew is a 16 year old human FtM. His birth name was Maalai Angana Oleum. He chose to Anglicize his first name when moving, with his family, from India to Mayhem. Finally, as he's still a minor, he hasn't has his new form locked yet.

P.S. He originally worked as an intern at Channel Five. However, he's recently been recruited by C9's successor...

P.P.S. Alas, Andrew was one of the casualties suffered taking over the MPLF.

Physical Description

Andrew is a very handsome young man, with dusky skin, short reddish brown hair and deep brown eyes. He's slightly shorter than average but has a strong, athletic build with well defined muscles. He normally dresses in loose shirts, jeans and trainers.

In Andrew's female form, he's tall and willowy, with a dancers physique. Also, though still pretty, he is not the beauty he is while male, though this is partly due to self image.


Andrew is highly competitive and driven to excel at whatever he does. This is mostly due to deeply buried self esteem issues, but, as a naturally talented young man, means he's had great successes in various fields, whether mental, such as acting or painting, or physical, eg, football or kung-fu.

Andrew is also terrified of people discovering his "Dark Secret", despite the fact he lives in Mayhem. As a result, he puts in a front regarding TF technology, calling it perverted and unnatural. Of course, the law of irony states this will get him zapped one day.

Finally, Andrew's favourite animal is dogs, he used to own one, and he's bisexual, though he currently has a girlfriend.

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