Andrew Shane Snow

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Brief Description

Corporal Snow was my character for Zerras' Zealot's Impasse RP. He was an enlisted soldier that used mathematics for indirect fire. He was 21 years old.

Physical Description

Slightly above average height and above average build, with unkempt short brown hair and hazel eyes. Does as little as possible with regards to grooming to get by in the military, thus is often unshaven and slovenly, especially when off-duty. However, he does care about personal hygiene, so is very clean. Especially his teeth, which would be good if he ever smiled. He also has quite nice eyes, though the rest of his face is plain, if not homely.


On the outside, Andrew is quiet, shy and very socially awkward, but loyal and intelligent. The intelligence is true.

In truth, Andrew is a paranoid sociopath and a cold one at that. He views every other single being on the planet as a potential robber, murderer, etc, each out for their own that could turn on him at a moments notice. Therefore, he would do the same if it was advantages and he thought he could get away with it. He joined the military because it paid the most. He appears to obey orders because he wishes to avoid the consequences, but would happily murder his commanding officer if it was to his benefit. This was something he was planning on doing, in fact, after a dangerous bit of grandstanding on her part, where she shot the rank of someone's shoulder in a briefing room.

The one exception to Andrew's dementia is for his sick mother. She raised him, by herself and at great cost, after his father left his pregnant girlfriend to fend for herself. After she was already disowned by her family for getting pregnant. Though Andrew can't understand his mother's actions, he can't help but be grateful for them, thus has dedicated his life to caring for her.

Some final notes on the complex psyche Corporal Snow. Though a virgin that isn't interested in romance, he's not asexual. In fact, he's Bi. Also, he has pack rat syndrome, meaning he will hoard anything he can lay his hands on. And as is often the case, this is combined with kleptomania, though in a relatively mind form, ie, Andrew will only steal if he thinks he won't get caught. Finally, he HATES being called Andy.

Mary Sue Rating


22-29 Some definite Sue-like tendancies here. A little polishing might be in order to put original fiction and RPG characters back into the balance, especially if Kirking is involved. Fanfiction characters should probably have some work done.

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