Andy Brewster

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Brief Description

Andy was my character for Zerras' Down the Barrel RP. He was a young and idealistic Private, who lied about his age to get in the army and defend his colony. The sort of person who's destined to have BAD THINGS happen to him.

Physical Description

Is very clean shaven & tidy, with a military haircut. Clothing is normally washed and iron and shoes are normally shined. This is especially the case with his uniform. While off duty, Andy normally wears a black t-shirt/jumper, depending on the weather, with jeans and trainers.


Andy is idealistic, patriotic and brave. He's also shy around people he doesn't know and somewhat naive, the latter not being helped by his lack of experience. Basically, he's a good kid, ready to help anyone in need, to persevere when the going gets tough and generally be treated as the world's scratching post.

Mary Sue Rating


0-16 Points Most likely Not-Sue. Characters at this level could probably take a little spicing up without hurting them any.

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