Angela Mary Tilling

From Egs Mayhem

Brief Description

Angela is one of Samuel's NPCs. She used to be Channel Nine's accountant and third in command, however, officially retired when Kell was ousted. However, she continued to work for Samuel, managing her finances and acting as her eyes in Mayhem.

She's currently under arrest and locked in a cell for associating with a knows fugitive, ie, Porter.

Physical Description

Short brown hair, hazel eyes, 30 years old human female. She looks a lot like Kell, except she's female and wears glasses (very near sighted) and make-up. But from behind they're identical. She also has a small scar in her right eyebrow and another on her left cheek, though the latter is normally concealed by make-up.


Angela is a quiet, bookish type. She's also has Asperser’s, a mild obsessive compulsive disorder and a crippling fear of spiders. The first two make her very good at her job, but she has great difficulty dealing with people outside of a structured working environment. Despite this, she's been happily married for several years. Finally, she's bisexual, but doesn't even think about cheating.

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