Angelina Gardiner

From Egs Mayhem


Brief Description

Angelina is a catgirl mercenary, or soldier of fortune. Though calling her that is a bit innapropriate, as she's one of the unluckiest people alive. She joined the DOD for the money, having no real belief in their cause.

Physical Description

Angelina is an attractive catgirl, with a muscled, athletic build and tiger fur patterns. She prefers to dress in light armour, normally just a flack vest, and combat fatigues.


Angelina is reasonable intelligent and resourceful, though a little absentminded. She's also not a great planner, but makes up for this with her ability to improvise. She's also very brave, foolhardy too, unfortunately, and loyal to her companions. Infact, if it wasn't for her awful luck she would probably be a quite successful merc.


Angelina is mostly a Muggle, but has two unusual traits worth mentioning. The first is her "Heavy Soul". This means that upon death, her soul will linger an extended period of time, making resurrection easier. The second is a preternatural Danger Sense. Unfortunately, she has to concentrate for it to work, so it utterly fails at its primary purpose.

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