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Brief Description

Recently recruited to act as the Sixth Ranger in Brian's Five Man Band, Annabel is a Dryad, or plant woman. Not much is known about her, except that Annabel is just the human translation of her real name.

Physical Description

Standing 5ft tall, Annabel has bark-like skin and long, leaf-like hair hair. Her eyes are beautiful, but alien, looking like multi-coloured flowers that change colour with her moods. She has a large, upturned nose with two big nostrils, and small ears. Her nails and teeth are red, thorn-like and her tongue is a long, stalk-like tube. Finally, she doesn't have breasts, though her figure is dainty and feminine.

Clothing wise, Annabel wears the minimum necessary for social conventions, though she always goes barefoot. Currently she favours a grey one-piece aviator's suit with a zip in the front.


Alien, is probably the best way to describe Annabel's mentality. However, for ease of reference she can be considered a Stoic, Objectionist, goal orientated individual. Someone who single mindedly strives for their goals, in the most efficient manner possible, but doesn't speak much. However, she is not Unfettered, as she does have a code, though it is an alien one.


None, really. Every odd ability of hers is natural for her people. For example, she can photosynthesise, but must also eat. Her jaw can unhinge like a snakes. Her eyesight and hearing are below human, but her sense of smell is superior. Oh, and she breaths Carbon-Dioxide while awake, but oxygen while asleep.

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