Anne Wapole

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Nationality: Gal-Zaborian
Notable Possessions: None really. However, when she gets round to using her TFG that may become one.
Likes: Causing trouble, being the centre of attention, causing trouble, throwing stones, causing trouble, Ima and other cool and unusual things and/or people, causing trouble, Roan and other being she thinks are easty to dominate, causing trouble, petty theft and finally, causing trouble.
Dislikes: Natural catkin, being told no or stopped what she was doing, most people in authority and Ann.
Fears: To stupid to have any, but definitely not death.

Brief Description

Anne is the third Walpole. The the youngest of two and a total Hellion. However, despite her sneakiness, stealing and general nastiness, she isn't that bad a person. So she won't do anything really evil herself, but might laugh if it's happening to someone else.

Physical Description

Anne is 4' 11", has long blond hair and blue eyes. Just by looking at her it's obvious she will be a real head turner when she natures, even under the muck. Though she has an extensive wardrobe, she, like her brother, favours imported Elledian clothing.


A spoilt little trouble maker. Very fiery, she argues with her father a lot. She also deliberately gets into trouble just for the attention. Or for the sake of it. Or because she's bored. Or...

You get the picture.

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