From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Ansgar
Age: 17-20
Gender: male
Genre: Fantasy

Appearance: Shoulder long, black hair frames a handsome face with black Eyes, slim Nose and full Lips. Skin and stature give away the Outdoor's man. His clothes are well fahioned and clean. A Red and black cape over a stylish dark Vest and Shirt followed by trousers with broad, fluttering Legs and tipped shoes. A Large Harp, wrapped in clothes hangs over his shoulders, a large, twisted wandering Staff with the traditional signs and banners ensure that everyone can tell from far away that ansgar is a wandering Bard and Storyteller. His Hands are covered in Bandages.

Personality: Ansgar is as friendly, understanding and well mooded as one expects from a Bard. Only sometimes, when the Sun sets behind the Trees, he becomes melachonic and hums sad melodies. He likes the common folks better than the high Nobles and rich Traders.. and he often sings Songs against Crown and Lords.

Background/History: Ansgar grew up in Thieben by the lake, a small town in the east. When he was 16 the Harvest was bad, and while he strayed around in the forrest, playing his self made Harp and dreaming of adventures as Bard the Lord came to Thieben to collect the Taxes... which couldn't be paid, so the Lord burned down a few shacks, hung a few pawns who resisted by the neck and took the oldest Sons of the Town to work the Taxes off with hard Labour in the Quarry... Thiese, Ansgar's brother, too. When Ansgar saw the Smoke he ran home, happy to find his father alive... but his father slapped him in the face and yelled "I wish they'd took you and not Thiese!". Angry and Sad Ansgar ran away... ran... to the Lords Castle, to free his Brother and Friends. The Lord himself arranged a large Festival to celebrate himself and invited all the Bards, Storytellers and Minstrels to come, play, eat and drink and praise the their Invitor with their Songs. It was easy for Ansgar to join in as Bard... and when it was his turn to sing, he sung. A passionate Song full of desperation and pain, guilt and humilidation, friendship and blood, honor and Mercy. Everyone at the Festival took pitty in Ansgar and his story, a many of them requested the Lord to free the sons of Thieben, to have Merci with those simple and hard working folk. But the Lord was cruel, callous and Arrogant. It angered him that this fool disturbed his Festival and questioned his majesty. In a flush of Anger he orderd to throw ansgar in the smash his harp and to break his finger and Arms so he'll never play again! Many weeks Ansgar languished in a dark Cell, but he wasn't alone! Some of the bard who heard him sing took the risk and visited him often, bandaged his hands. First of them an old, wise Bard who had seen but the whole World and knew songs and stories noone knew besides him. That old bard teached Ansgar words and melodies of Ancient power and the laws and rules to wield them wisely. A few month later the opportunity was there to flee, and so did he... but in the same night he returned, with the broken harp. The Sky was Black and bloody red Clouds conceiled the setting Sun. He Played! With broken fingers he played the broken harp, Sung a song about hate and Violence, blood Destruction and Fire! He hid in the Shadows but his voice echoed through the whle Caste and up to the sky and back. Panic broke out when Ansgars Spell, powered by hate, took effect and Blackish red fire fell from the sky. Everyone ran, flames as hot as Dragon's fire burned stones to ashes... and Ansgar laughted. The next morning there was no Castle anymore and the Lord was dead. Ansgar however did not return home, he walked away, to the west...

Advantages/Disadvantages/Abilities: Ansgar is a cunning storyteller and charismatic Bard... he however can only sing and doesn't play the harp. As Bard he enjoys some protection and freedom. He indeed knows some Spell like songs of great power, most powerfull of them the Firesong, which may only be used once a Noble tries to silence a Bard. He also knows a song of Life, which heals wounds and deseases. A Song of Bravery which can encourage fighters before a battle as well as a maiden before marriage. A Song of truth which makes it incredible hard to lie to the sung questions. and some more depending on Setting.

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