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Aradia a goddess of Witchcraft for the Parthenon High RP. Her player is Blinkdog.


Vital Stats

  • Name: Aradia
  • Domain: Magic and Relations Between Mortals and Spirits
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Appears 17, at least 300 years old


An attractive young lady who makes no effort to hide that fact. She wears an oversized stereotypical witches hat, and a magic broom follows her everywhere. Her outfit changes at a whim, but always seems to incorporate various pockets and pouches for magical components. Most of her physical features are variable, hair color and length, skin tone, build, height, etc. but she is always female (By choice, rather than any limitation), and no matter her form, her eyes are always a captivating iridescent emerald.


A willful, confident, free-spirited girl, Aradia has her own ideas on how the world should be, and doesn’t seem too concerned about what others think. She can be kind and helpful to those in need, and vicious and spiteful to those who do wrong in her eyes. At times she is serious and driven, but most of the time she delights in light fun and good humor. What she absolutely detests is restrictions and unfair rules, and she will clash with these as often as she encounters them. She also hates those who subjugate others. An officer who enforces an unfair rule simply because it is there job might not be the target for her retribution, but a ruler who seizes power and forces his will on the populace is in line for getting turned into a toad. A bit of a pet peeve of hers is people who intentionally break promises.


Aradia was not born a god. She began life as a mortal girl, but soon found she had a gift for talking with spirits and making strange things happen. Some tried to ‘cure’ her, but she knew her abilities were no curse or disease. She explored her power, and forged relationships with the various spirits, ghosts and gods she encountered. She learned from them, and soon there was nothing she could not accomplish through her own power or by making a deal with the spirits. She took on apprentices and taught her ways to any who would listen. In her corner of the world, she brought magic to the mortals, like Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. Those she taught were freed from the prohibitions of tradition and taboo, and could live as they wished to, the powers of the universe bending to their will.

Aradia’s teachings did not gather many followers, but she preferred things that way. To be able to know each of her students, and her student’s students, and so on, was something she enjoyed. However, as time went on, she began to realize that even with her magic and the help of the spirits, she was no immortal. Age was slowly taking her, and the champions of gods were beginning to clash with her students and herself, sometimes a god would even confront her with an avatar. She managed to defend herself, but only barely. If she was to not live in fear or bow to the will of the gods, she must become one herself.

The process of deification was not simple or short, for almost a century Aradia studied what made gods into gods, and how she could use that to exalt herself into their ranks. After decades of research and preparation, in a ritual of power and raw forces of nature, Aradia, the mother of all Witches, stormed the gates of immortality and ascended as a Deity.

And now she has to go to God School. What fun.


A wide range of spells and abilities, from fireballs and storm summoning to teleportation and illusions. Most of these are small in scope, and bigger spells require more work, from special components and tools to complicated rituals. She also can call upon various spirits and ghosts, summoning avatars from nature or the elements, or raising zombies and shades. These are all powers she had as a mortal, and she is just beginning to understand her powers as a deity. She can tinker with magic in odd ways, from altering and creating spells to adding entire new domains to the arcane spectrum. She can also summon any spirit or ghost, not just those she’s had contact with.

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