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Played by Twilightdusk in the TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces

Name(counterpart): Araliss (Justin)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General appearance: the event that resulted in his gaining magic had the side effect of giving him green hair, otehr than that, not much stands out. he has brown eyes, glasses, and a few freckles on his face. he is about 6 feet tall and wears a red jacket with an orange undershirt and tan pants. his two pairs of shoes are nearly identical white sneakers.

Special abilities: On his school French trip, he gained magic (through a way that shall not be explained due to it not yet being explained in the comic), which gave him a spell-book and green hair. he has not used his magic much, as the only spell he has is to summon creatures form trading cards (and each card can only be summoned once for each copy of it he has). he goes to the Anime-style martial arts dojo giving him good unarmed combat skills.

Magic: Flight, bringing TCG cards to life.

Equipment: Spell book, battle suit, TF gun, blaster, stasis gun, extra power pack with charger.

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