Archie Wapole

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Nationality: Gal-Zaborian
Notable Possessions: His pocket wotch. It's real gold, you know. Hand crafted, too, by one of the greatest watchmakers of all time. Just for him.
Likes: Fine food, wine and company. Not necessarily in that order. Being in charge or considered important. People who laugh at his jokes. Ca'uks, mostly their females.
Dislikes: Disobedience. Disrespect. Sage.
Fears: Socially embasrrasment, whether caused by him or those associated with him., eg, family.

Brief Description

Archie (short for Archibald) is one of my characters for the MKRP, a natural born Gal-Zaborian. He's the current living head of Walpole family. A ruthless and arrogant man, his financial skills turned his family from a moderately wealthy one to one of the top ten riches families of an already rich nation. And as is often the way, was commended for it despite his somewhat underhandedness.

Physical Description

A human male in his late fifties, 5 foot 3 inches, with brown (but greying) hair and eyes. Once a handsome, healthy young man, age and fine living have taken their toil, leaving him portly and slightly balding. Normally dressed in expensive yet tastefully clothing, waistcoats, smoking jackets, etc. Think early 20th century British gent. Archie looks like a cross between Winston Churchill and the Monopoly man, except that he's clean shaven.


Think Robber Baron. Arrogant, yet suave and charming; Traditional, yet dynamic; Selfish, yet patriotic and family oriented. Archie is also skilled in social manoeuvres, as well as financial, with an excellent knowledge of protocol and etiquette, always projecting the image of the proper Gal-Zaborian gentleman. However, fundamentally Archie only thinks about himself and views all situations in this light.

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