Artemis Class

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The Artemis class frigate is a small vessel used by the EGSDF Space Navy for escort and area-defense duties.



The Artemis Class frigate, along with the Atmos class destroyer, was developed in parallel to the Amon Star Class battleship. The Artemis class was primarily designed as a highly-capable area defense platform, providing anti missile and small-craft coverage for a battlegroup or convoy.


The Artemis class frigate is a small, fast sublight warship incorporating advanced area defense technology. Sensor systems are designed with missile interception in mind, sacrificing some range to achieve a much higher scan rate, ensuring that no projectile slips through the cracks. Most of the sensors aboard the frigate operate in hyper or subspace, in order to facilitate the detection of relativistic and faster-than-light attacks.


  • 120 Vertical Launch System cells, primarily reserved for interceptor missiles
  • 1 medium beam canon
  • Various point defense systems

Sublight Propulsion

  • Gravitic Drive, maximum acceleration: 3000 G
  • Plasma Thrusters, maximum acceleration: 18 G (used as backup)
  • Reaction control system
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