Asya Sidorna Voskresenskaia

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by nokvok

Name: Asya Sidorna Voskresenskaia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Ostrov Komsomolez
Status: Single
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130
Build: Sportive
Hair: (hip) Long, open, pale blond
Eyes: brightly Blue
Skin tone: Healthy Pale
Facial hair: Uhm well... no?
IQ: around 115

Asya is a Snowbeast.
A Snowbeast is a 7'6" high monstrous thing with long arms, claws, teeth and an incredible strength as well as high speed and agility. Bi or quadrupedal. The Fingers able to use appropriately sized equipment if being careful. They are excellently suited to survive on hunting Polar Bears in the Arctic. Keen Eyes, Ears and the Sense of Smell to rival a Shark or bloodhound, especially if it comes to blood and sweat.
She can 'switch her hides' as she calls it, within the blink of an eye... literally spoken... if one blinked, one could miss it happen.
Her Intellect remains completely intact, mentally, she always is both, human and Snowbeast. But in Snowbeast form, she can perceive things which make it harder to resist her Bestial impulses.
The main drawback of being a snowbeast is the huge need for meat. Around 35-40 lbs per week... luckily snowbeasts can go a rather long time without food, so it is enough if they hunt a large animal every 8-10 days, though Asya prefers to eat smaller portions every day.
Also, her Transformation does not include any clothes... they normally rip, or rather disintegrate to bits. More fun facts about Snowbeasts:
They cannot vomit (not even in human form)... that is good for appearing cool, but actually bad if it comes to poisoning and foul food.
In Human form they can swallow huge chunks of food, though lack the teeth to rip such food apart they either need ages to chew or look like a snake or somesuch when swallowing really big chunks.

- Minor Ninguokinesis.
She has minor, and subconscious control over snow. It helps to hide her tracks, or blur the line of sight, strengthen the Ice-plate she is walking on or similar minor things. However, she can only move snow and Ice which is there already! She cannot create it (yet). This power makes also her human form pretty resistant to cold, above the level of resistance she has due to her upbringing anyways.

Asya is the stereotype of a Scandinavian sex-symbol with a face of angelic beauty which comes completely natural to her. She rarely uses make-up at all, she doesn't need to.
Her body is in excellent shape, and she likes to show it by wearing either tight, long clothes or short, loose ones... though she manages to never cross the line to cheap or slutty.
As snowbeast she is rather slim, but still huge. In comparison to other Snowbeasts she is rather weak, but that is still far stronger than any normal human can hope to be.
Her fur is straight, well groomed and soft, she has grappled with her Snowbeast side enough to find ways to keep it nice, and her smell is actually not much worth than that of any other furred animal. Her eyes are glowingly blue and her teeth sharp and appearing shning bringly white in the black yap.

Snowbeasts are rare, though not so rare that it were impossible to have two or three of them roaming earth each Generation.
Asya moved to the US three years ago to life with her Auntt. Her mother is a Snowbeast, too... and the rivalry between the two predators made it harder and harder for borth of them as Asya grew up.
Moving far away was the only possibility for her to claim her own territory without fighting her mother (a fight which she had lost).
Her Aunt taught her Engish, and Asya picked it up pretty fast and barely has any accept left, the school she attended was pretty small and rural, so the rumors spread like a wild fire after a few kids had found Asya's clothings in the woods one day...
Her Aunt was already seeking for another school farther away, since Asya had it harder and harder with each passing day...

Asya is lively, not really stupid, but too lazy to learn her stuff. She's accepting of her bestial nature and her surrounding sometimes suffers from some extreme impulsive behavior. She regularly goes into the woods or other lonely areas to run and hunt and play.
Her interests vary greatly, reading, Cars, boys... the only thing she in keeping up consequently since years now is dancing and gymnastics, she's actually good enough at the balance beam and floor exercises to join into regional competitions, though a little too old already to have much hope to get any higher.
She doesn't like math and science or reading a lot, and she is not 'girly' in the sense that horses, cute things or dollies spark her interest. Though she IS pretty feminine, and likes the attention and special treatment she's getting this way... though she is not demanding it nor depending on it.
She can get a little flirty at times and is in general not shy.
Like she doesn't have any problem to be naked around people if that is the way things are working out to be... though she'd expect people to have the maturity to see it as it is and can become snappy if being stared at.

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