Atmos Class

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The Atmos class of destroyers are relatively small, fast ships used for escort and patrol duty by the EGSDF Space Navy.



The Atmos class destroyer, along with the Artemis Class frigate, was developed in parallel to the Amon Star Class battleship. The Atmos class was designed to operate in a battle group, and provide long-range sensors and point defense for the group. Along with these requirements, the Atmos is also capable of functioning as an intra-system escort and patrol craft.


To fulfill the intended purposes of escort and patrol, the Atmos class incorporates a wide variety of high-powered sensors. These sensor systems include high-resolution infrared, visible, and ultraviolet optical sensors; high-power multi-band radar, gravimetric sensors, and various sub and hyperspace sensors. These sensors are tied into a state of the art weapons system that primarily uses long-range relativistic missiles. With these sensors, an Atmos destroyer can typically detect and intercept a threat before it has a chance to return fire.


  • 180 Vertical Launch System cells.
  • 6 Medium beam cannons.
  • Various point defense systems.

Sublight Propulsion

  • Gravitic Drive, maximum acceleration: 2900 G
  • Plasma Thrusters, maximum acceleration: 16 G (used as backup)
  • Reaction control system
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