August 2nd, 2011 - Alternates : Meanwhile, At School

From Egs Mayhem


[19:05] <NiteBrite> So, previously on MLP:FIM IRC RP:

[19:06] <NiteBrite> The elements of harmony gathered on the roof and had an epic battle with the wicked mare, Nightmare Moon thus defeating her and preventing her from unleashing the zombie hoards.

[19:07] <NiteBrite> But our story does not begin there. No, let us wind the clock back.

[19:08] <NiteBrite> It is the middle of the schoolday (night?) and students at Ponyville high are looking forward to lunchtime

[19:10] <NiteBrite> No craziness, no monsters, no evil princesses. It was just another dim starlit day just like the one before it.

[19:10] <NiteBrite> Adventures through time, DrMoon? Those are just oldmares tales.

[19:11] <NiteBrite> (Okay, and with that we will start this session just like the first one. With the lunch bell letting out classes into the halls. Any questions before we begin?)


[19:16] <NiteBrite> Okay and begin:

[19:16] <NiteBrite> Nar: all the students were in their various classes when the lunch bell rang

[19:16] <NiteBrite> Nar: *rings the bell. Go to Lunch*

[19:16] <NiteBrite> "I just love algebra," NiteBrite says to himself as he walks out of the classroom into the hallway.

[19:17] * MarissaInaba bluhs, and heads straight to the cafeteria.

[19:17] * nod wanders into the hall towards the cafeteria

[19:18] * SoftSpeak is first in line at the cafeteria

[19:18] <TripleCrown> *lurks the hallways waiting for someone to 'bump into'*

[19:18] * Crosscomet walks over to the cafeteria. Nothing really to get excited over.

[19:18] * DustyFeathers idly looks at the bell in the hallway, wondering when it was last cleaned.

[19:18] * Whiteout is ambling down the hallway from the other direction, having just escaped from a literature class he spent staring out the window instead.

[19:18] * SolidGear is heading along towards the cafe, having dropped by to see Dusty and following with her.

[19:19] <NiteBrite> *NB puts his things away in his locker* A clean locker is the key to happiness : )

[19:19] <DustyFeathers> "Seriously, with the state of this place I'm surprised it passes Health and Safety measures..."

[19:20] <SolidGear> "Eh, it's passable enough for me..." she says, before looking towards Nite and grinning, "Oh hey Nite, want to join Feathers and I for lunch?"

[19:20] <NiteBrite> That sounds great. *closes locker*

[19:21] <DustyFeathers> "But that ceiling was white two months ago. WHITE! Not... Grey..." She wrinkled her nose at it.

[19:21] <TripleCrown> *bumps into dusty*

[19:21] <TripleCrown> Hey watch where you're going dust for brains!

[19:21] <SoftSpeak> Nar: Softspeak's fan club is clogging up the cafeteria line.

[19:22] <SolidGear> "Oh.....hi, Crown." SG says, giving a slight frown upon seeing TripleCrown and shuffling closer to Dusty.

[19:22] <SoftSpeak> Nar: Apparently no one gets to eat until she's been properly admired.

[19:22] <MarissaInaba> >:| *muttering* why does she even have a fan club.

[19:22] <DustyFeathers> "Aw, how quaint, come up with that one yourself?" She turned to Triple.

[19:23] <TripleCrown> Har har, so what do you have for my lunch today?

[19:24] <SoftSpeak> Do I detect jealousy there Malissa?

[19:24] * Crosscomet catches Crown in the corner of her eye. "...Typical."

[19:24] <DustyFeathers> "Nothing, actually. Shame." She wickedly smiled at him before turning her attention to Solid. "But my point still stands, that ceiling was white!"

[19:24] <MarissaInaba> *meep* N-no. I'm just hungry.

[19:25] <SoftSpeak> *flips her gorgeous hair in triumph* You'll just have to wait a little longer.

[19:25] * nod plops down at a table with a bag lunch

[19:26] * Whiteout eyes the group between himself and the cafeteria, working out a way to get by without having to deal with TripleCrown.

[19:26] <MarissaInaba> ._.

[19:26] <SolidGear> "It doesn't matter if it was white, Dusty..." SG retorts, then looks solidly at Crown, "What, you want us to do something for you? I don't have any bits to spare this week..."

[19:26] <NiteBrite> *is caught between keeping an eye on TC and attempting to gauge the color of the roof*

[19:27] * DustyFeathers looks at Solid in shock.

[19:27] * Crosscomet walks closer, giving him at least something of a chance

[19:27] <DustyFeathers> "Of course it matters! This place is FILTHY!!"

[19:27] <nod> *looking at the argument going on in the line* that’s why I always pack a lunch

[19:28] * MarissaInaba shrinks back and waits ._.

[19:28] * Whiteout settles for the easy route, and just edges towards the wall, trying not to crowd anyone as he pushes past. " 'scuse me. "

[19:28] <TripleCrown> Hey babe, that's okay. Say how about I let your Dustbin here off the hook in exchange for a kiss? ^_^

[19:28] * SolidGear looks at Dusty, then blinks as she realizes what she'd said, "Oh...s-sorry, Feathers...didn't mean to insult you..." she mutters, before giving a wily smirk, "Hey, if it's so DUSTY, why don't you DUST it up, Feathers?"

[19:29] <DustyFeathers> "Hah, I think I need to take out the trash first." She glared at Crown.

[19:29] <SoftSpeak> *is bumped into by WO*

[19:29] <SoftSpeak> O_O

[19:30] <SoftSpeak> Nar: The crowd parts around WO and SS. Quiet whispers.

[19:30] <MarissaInaba> ._.

[19:30] * Crosscomet eyerolls, walking in from behind. "Yeah, what *is* your problem, anyway?"

[19:30] <MarissaInaba> oO(woo go dude I don't know!)

[19:30] * SolidGear looks to Crown and gives a distinct 'ewww' before actually contemplating it, "Uhm...wait, Crown, why don't you come with us anyways? I mean...we kinda need someone other than Nite to fend off wandering Colts."

[19:31] * Whiteout blinks down at the unicorn. "Sorry 'bout that."

[19:32] <TripleCrown> I can do that. [CC: "Yeah, what *is* your problem, anyway?"] Who are you pipsqueak?

[19:32] * DustyFeathers gives Solid a very confused look.

[19:32] <SoftSpeak> O_O *steps aside and lets WO get in line*

[19:33] <Crosscomet> That ain't as important as who you think you are. Every day it's the same thing, push someone else around, get you're own dang way. I'm starting to get sick of it.

[19:33] * SolidGear whispers aside to Feathers, "He looks strong...and I've heard he's a good colt if you get to know 'im...we should give 'im a chance."

[19:33] <SoftSpeak> Nar: The hushed whispers become a silent roar. This... is something new

[19:33] <MarissaInaba> o_o

[19:34] <NiteBrite> H-hey. Lets all just be civil here.

[19:35] <NiteBrite> *tries to get between CC and TC*

[19:35] <DustyFeathers> "Says the 'babe' of us. You're not the pudgy pegasus here..." She quickly looked to NB. "No offence, Nite."

[19:35] * Whiteout nods to SoftSpeak "Much obliged. 'Bout time this line got moving, only so much time for lunch."

[19:35] <Crosscomet> Civil? Oh, like this musclehead's ever civil. Why even try to be civil back?

[19:36] <SoftSpeak> *softspeak and her fans all leave the line and sit down. Apparently they all brought their lunch and were just holding the place up*

[19:36] <NiteBrite> I'm not pudgey :<

[19:36] * DustyFeathers overhears CC and smiles. "Now THIS filly is making sense!"

[19:37] <NiteBrite> I'm just little with big bones

[19:37] <MarissaInaba> ... Right. *goes to get food*

[19:38] * Whiteout shrugs and turns back to the line, more concerned with getting a bite to eat than whatever that snooty little unicorn was up to.

[19:38] <TripleCrown> Look whatever. *hoof around NB's shoulder* whats say you and me go get some lunch 'old friend'

[19:38] <NiteBrite> *squirm squirm*

[19:38] <NiteBrite> o-okay

[19:38] * MarissaInaba food; OBTAINED! Now to sit down.

[19:39] * nod returns to his lily sandwich

[19:39] <SoftSpeak> Nar: The line moves quickly, but the food is the usual brand of TERRIBLE. Today is the infamous 'watery oats' day.

[19:39] <Crosscomet> Don't let him control you like that.

[19:40] * Whiteout has snagged his own as well, shaking his head at the oats, and is now looking around for an empty seat.

[19:40] <NiteBrite> *looks at TC, then to CC, then back to TC* uhhh

[19:40] <Crosscomet> What, you want somebody's lunch money, Crown? Here, take mine.

[19:41] * Crosscomet throws several coins at TC

[19:41] * SolidGear looks to Crown and then CC, "Heya...never seen you around before, what's your name?" obviously somepony had been oblivious to CC's appearance.

[19:42] * DustyFeathers sighs. "And that filly was doing so well..." She muttered to herself.

[19:42] <TripleCrown> *looks at her money* Why, whatever are you implying? *squeezes NB a little tighter* can't a guy catch lunch with his old pal without it being a federal case.

[19:43] <NiteBrite> *doom* @[email protected]

[19:43] * SolidGear blinks at seeing CC toss a few bits at Crown, backing up a bit and looking to CC, "What in the hay was that all about?"

[19:43] <DustyFeathers> "Hey Solid, I'm gonna try and grab us a table before I end up perching on a beam again." She started heading to the cafeteria.

[19:44] * SolidGear gives a nod to Dusty and calls over, "Sure thing, I'll catch up with you later."

[19:44] * MarissaInaba heads to a back corner where hopefully she'll be left mostly alone

[19:44] <MachDasher> *zips past Dusty into the cafeteria*

[19:44] <MachDasher> Hidustybyedusty

[19:45] <Crosscomet> *to SG* I'm Crosscomet. *to TC* and you... well, you were bullying the pegasus, demanding a kiss from the tailless girl... why should I trust you? It's like this every day!

[19:45] * DustyFeathers blushes almost instantly. "....He talked to me this time..."

[19:46] * DustyFeathers carries on into the line trying not to trip over herself.

[19:46] <TripleCrown> *leaves with NB, half dragging him* Whatever, we don't have time for lameos like you and their lame-o-lameness.

[19:47] <MachDasher> *skips to the front of the line and leaves with food before anyone has time to object*

[19:47] * Whiteout has ended up in the same back of the cafeteria, thanks to most of the other tables containing ponies he'd rather not deal with. He raises an eyebrow at Marissa. "Hrm. Bit crowded in here today."

[19:47] * SolidGear blinks at this, then looks aside to CrossComet, quickly moving in front of her, "Okay, stop it right there...he hasn't done anything to you, and as far as I know you've just tossed some bits at him without Crown having done anything to you." she seems downright annoyed, eyes narrrowing slightly.

[19:48] <MachDasher> Woo, a new record.

[19:48] * Crosscomet glares. "Oh, I'm lame, huh? We'll see who's lame!" *charges into the cafeteria after TC, but trips over a chair and wipes out*

[19:48] <MarissaInaba> ._. *oh god being talked to* Uh... yeah, a bit. You'd think there'd be less people on watery oats day.

[19:48] <MachDasher> In and out of the line in 20 seconds flat.

[19:49] <MachDasher> *goes to sit with softspeak*

[19:49] * DustyFeathers eventually manages to get her watery oats and looks around for a table.

[19:49] <SolidGear> "What's wrong, having a bad day or some....thing?" she stares at CC's trip and promptly goes to help her up, "You okay...? That looked like a hard fall."

[19:49] <Crosscomet> Waugh! *crash* @[email protected]

[19:49] <Crosscomet> @[email protected] I've... had worse.

[19:50] <TripleCrown> Nar: They got to lunch late. There are barely any seats left.

[19:50] * Whiteout smiles slightly. "Yeah, not exactly inspiring food. Better than nothing, though." He eyes the oats. "I think. Mind if I steal a bit of your table?"

[19:50] <SolidGear> " you're THAT CrossComet, huh?" she asks, giving a light grin as she kneels down to help up CC.

[19:50] <DustyFeathers> "Ugh, figures. All that drama with that musclehead was far too long! Well, I'm sure Solid doesn't mind me on the beams today."

[19:51] <MarissaInaba> No, go ahead.

[19:51] <Crosscomet> There are other ones?

[19:52] <Crosscomet> Ugh, sorry... I swear that chair wasn't there a second ago.

[19:52] * SolidGear is totally silent for a few moments, "Uuhm....sure, let's go with that." she states, propping Comet onto her hooves.

[19:52] * DustyFeathers slowly drifts up to the ceiling beam, takes one look at the dust and almost immediately lands down.

[19:53] <Softspeak> Nar: Elsewhere, on the roof: The elements of harmony land their TARDIS awaiting the arrival of NMM

[19:53] <SolidGear> "Think you can walk? If not, I'm here to lean on..." she states, giving a reassuring grin...with eyes that slightly sparkle.

[19:53] * Whiteout settles the tray off of his wing to the table before turning to his lunch. "Thanks!"

[19:53] <Crosscomet> Of course I can walk! It was just a little spill...

[19:53] <DustyFeathers> "Looks like I'm just going to have to barge in..." She casually struts around the cafeteria looking for a seat. "Hello? Anypony got any room for one more?"

[19:54] * MarissaInaba has gone back to eating.

[19:55] * SolidGear grins nervously, "If I took a spill like that, it'd hurt for days afterwards...I'm not that....ah....durable." she mutters, giving an awkward glance to her metal foreleg.

[19:55] <DustyFeathers> "Anypony at all??" She started to feel slightly awkward about her position.

[19:55] <nod> umm *scoots over* there’s some room over here

[19:55] <Softspeak> Nar: There are three seats left in the cafeteria. Two seats together by nod. And one seat over by Softspeak known only as "the seat of shame". Sitting there is like volunteering for Softspeak to lord her superiroity over you

[19:56] <Crosscomet> Heh, well... I guess I got a bit more padding than you do. *smirk* Dunno why your friend says she's pudgy like it's a bad thing.

[19:56] <NiteBrite> *gave his lunch to TC*

[19:57] * DustyFeathers looks at the two seats and suddenly remembers the filly from earlier. She trots slowly to the SEAT OF SHAME.

[19:59] <Softspeak> *Is eating a delicate bouquet of flowers from an expenive hoof-crafted lunchbox.*

[20:00] * DustyFeathers spots Dasher sitting by SoftSpeak and smiles. 'Well, it can't be too bad...' She thinks to herself.

[20:00] <SolidGear> "That's Dusty....she's always disliked being bigger than most other fillies...even when I kinda like that about her." she admits, starting to head towards the cafeteria again, "So...want to eat lunch together? I'll introduce you to Feathers properly next we meet."

[20:00] <Softspeak> *Looks at Dusty's clearly commoner bearing and smirks. She is about to say something when--

[20:01] <MachDasher> -- *mach is first* Hey its dusty!

[20:01] * Crosscomet smiles. Alright. *looks around* Doesn't really look like I have a choice.

[20:01] <Softspeak> *frowns*

[20:02] <MarissaInaba> *om nom nom wants to get this meal over with blugh*

[20:02] * DustyFeathers smiles nervously as she shimmies into her seat. "Heh, hi everypony..."

[20:02] <Softspeak> Nar: Softspeak is angered. Who does this pegasus think she is stealing her limelight,

[20:02] <Softspeak> Hmmph

[20:03] <NiteBrite> Nar: Back on the roof A TARDIS flys wildly out of control.

[20:03] <NiteBrite> [:21] <~NiteBrite> Nar: The wild TARDIS slams into the roof, making quite a bit of noise and knocking out the lights for the first time.

[20:04] <DustyFeathers> "Yeah, I'd hate to be eating with me too..." She rolled her eyes jokingly, half worried about what Softspeak would do next.

[20:04] <NiteBrite> (from the NNM battle, NMM has just landed on the roof)

[20:04] * Whiteout jumps, staring at the roof. "What in the hay?"

[20:04] <MarissaInaba> Woah, what was that?

[20:04] * nod drops his sandwich

[20:04] <NiteBrite> Roof: [17:21] Dsyentery: what was that! *starts to walk towards it* [17:21] <Anthrax> *pulls him back down* Stay down. [17:22] <nod> you don't want to know

[20:04] * SolidGear heads into the cafeteria withh CrossComet, smirking amusedly to herself at making another friend.

[20:05] <Crosscomet> *notices the lights* Or... maybe we won't be getting lunch.

[20:05] <NiteBrite> Nar: the lights flicker back on.

[20:06] <MarissaInaba> ._.

[20:06] <nod> that was .... new

[20:06] * SolidGear looks aside to Comet, "Why do you say...." at which she blinks at the light flicker, "Uhmm....well, that beats it again, I need to keep a closer eye on what's going on..."

[20:06] <Softspeak> *takes charge* Remain calm, just a random power blip nothing more.

[20:06] * Whiteout is folding his wings back down, looking a bit embarassed at the reflex. "Huh. Thunder, maybe? I didn't -think- it was supposed to rain..."

[20:06] * DustyFeathers looks around the room nervously, unsure of whether or not to believe SoftSpeak.

[20:06] <Softspeak> [17:23] <~NiteBrite> Narrator: The Tardis doors open and Tacky purple smoke billows out. This time Dysentery wasn't there.

[20:06] <Softspeak> [17:23] <~NiteBrite> Narrator: Several teachers run up the stairs. Teach: What is that?

[20:07] <Crosscomet> Let's just try and get something before something else happens.

[20:07] <Softspeak> *softspeak has an authoritative air to her voice. Her horn glows dimly, and just somehow you know she is right*

[20:07] <MarissaInaba> It must be. Sounded more like something hit the roof.

[20:08] <Whiteout> I suppose a lightnin' strike would explain the lights...

[20:08] <Softspeak> roof: [17:28] <NMM> Narrator: The teachers are becoming cocooned in NMM's magic.

[20:09] * SolidGear nods, "Yeah, lets." and thus she heads off at a faster pace now.

[20:09] <DustyFeathers> "Y-Yeah. Just a blip." She nervously keeps eating her food.

[20:09] <MarissaInaba> Well, I'm not so sure.

[20:10] <Softspeak> *blushes at hearing WO speak* Listen to me, everything is just fine. return to eating. *uses more magic in voice*

[20:10] * MarissaInaba isn't likely to act on her suspicions though. At least not uness something else happens

[20:11] * Whiteout shrugs, and turns back to his lunch. "Looks like they're stayin' on now."

[20:11] <Softspeak> Nar: there is this whole battle going on up on the roof but it can't be seen... that is until NMM start to summon the storm of the century outside.

[20:11] * DustyFeathers looks around to Marissa and WO, taking their voices into account, still eating.]

[20:11] * Crosscomet also briskly trots into line to at least get something to eat... before realizing she threw half her money at TC and never picked it up.

[20:11] <MarissaInaba> Yeah. Must have been a fluke... ._.


[20:12] <NiteBrite> O_O w-what's going on out there

[20:12] <MarissaInaba> Okay. Now I'm worried.

[20:12] <NiteBrite> *makes his way to Dusty*

[20:13] <NiteBrite> Hey dusty.

[20:13] * DustyFeathers looks outside the window. "Well, that's normal-HANG ON A MOMENT LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS!"

[20:13] <NiteBrite> There wasn't a storm scheduled for today was there?

[20:13] * Crosscomet listens to all the sounds. "What, are the Pegasi in charge of organization on strike or something?"

[20:14] * Whiteout looks up again at Dusty's shout, and takes to the air to get over to the windows and stare at the storm, muttering under his breath. "That ain't right..."

[20:14] <MarissaInaba> ... I think someone should go check it out.

[20:14] * SolidGear grins to CrossComet, "I'll get something for ya...don't worry, I was lying when I told Crown there wasn't any in bits for 'im today." she moves up to get in line for food.

[20:14] <Softspeak> *continues to take charge* Remain seated and away from the windows.

[20:15] <Softspeak> I'm sure the pegasi teachers will have everything inhoof in just a moment

[20:15] <MarissaInaba> *much quieter*And I'm gonna volunter myself so I can get away from bossypants over there >:|

[20:15] <Softspeak> Pegasi teachers: *cocooned in magic on the roof*

[20:15] * Crosscomet smiles at SG. "Thanks. If I don't get something in me my belly'll rumbling louder than this thunder.

[20:15] * DustyFeathers slams her hooves against the table. "Excuse me Princess, but we have something seriously wrong. Don't you dare try to magic your way out of this." She whispered viciously.

[20:16] * MarissaInaba gets up and sneaks off; she's finished her lunch anyway.

[20:16] * Whiteout glances back to SoftSpeak. "Not ta say you're wrong, but I'm not seein' anypony workin' that weather."

[20:16] <Softspeak> *focuses her magic on calming dusty down* grrr

[20:16] <SolidGear> "Yeah, I know what you mean..." and with that, she grabs the cafeteria food for both herself and CrossComet, then noticing everypony who's staring out the windows, " know what everypony is looking at?"

[20:17] <Softspeak> I said stay seated.

[20:17] <Softspeak> and calm

[20:17] <Crosscomet> Judging from the sounds, I assume a bunch of pegasi trying to figure out why everypony stuck a storm here at once.

[20:18] * MarissaInaba makes it out and sneaks off to the stairs to the roof

[20:18] <Softspeak> Roof: [18:02] <Sweetness> Voice: By your powers combined. *bursts through the school roof* I AM CAPTAIN PONY!

[20:18] <Softspeak> [18:04] <Sweetness> School Roof: falls into the kitchen destroying it. No one is harmed, but it looks like the school will finally have to pony up the money for a new state-of-the-art one

[20:18] <MarissaInaba> ._.

[20:19] <Whiteout> O_O

[20:19] <NiteBrite> HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!

[20:19] * MarissaInaba is headed off faster now.

[20:19] <Crosscomet> Bah! ... Gah! ... Whah!

[20:19] * DustyFeathers is frustrated that she can't resist the magic. "Well, fine. But if you don't sort that out Pri-- I mean nobody needs to go check out the bad weather OR that suspicious crash in the kitchen..."

[20:19] <Softspeak> Nar: the lights flicker out in the school and remain off. Seems a fuse was blown

[20:19] * SolidGear nods to CrossComet, "All right, so it's being figured out...uhm, well that sucks." she states, staring at the heap of roof.

[20:20] * SolidGear is somehow completely not surprised at the roof caving in, despite the fact it was a solid roof earlier.

[20:20] * nod hides under the table

[20:20] <Triplecrown> Waaah monsters

[20:20] <DustyFeathers> "Nope. The teachers will sort it all out..." She could feel her teeth grinding and her eye twitching.

[20:20] <Softspeak> Who is that?

[20:20] * Whiteout is torn. There's bad weather out there. But the unicorn thinks he should sit down. But flying storms are so much fuuuuuun...

[20:21] <Triplecrown> WAAAAH

[20:21] <Crosscomet> This might be a bigger problem than some crappy organization! *starting to breathe heavily*

[20:21] * MarissaInaba sneaks to the stairs to the roof but doesn't climb them. She is somewhat perturbed

[20:21] <Softspeak> Celestia, calm down back there, *she can't see who it is and doesn't recognize the scream*

[20:21] <Softspeak> *can't magic TC calm* >: [

[20:22] <DustyFeathers> "Softspeak has the best ideas ever. I'm so happy she's got this all under control..."

[20:22] <Softspeak> *is loosing control due to it being dark*

[20:22] * SolidGear lightly nudges Comet, "Hey...don't fret over it all...let's go find my friends. I'm sure Dusty has something in mind for all this..." she says, taking their trays of food to wherever she can find Dusty.

[20:23] <DustyFeathers> "But to be on the safe side, someone SHOULD CHECK IT OUT..."

[20:23] <Triplecrown> *TC is afraid of the dark, but no one can see him well enough to know he is the one yelling and stuff* T_T

[20:24] <Crosscomet> As long as everyone's alright, that's what's important, despite the school collapsing around us...

[20:24] <Softspeak> Nar: Rain water starts to leak through the kitchen door into the cafeteria.

[20:24] * MarissaInaba would be on that if she weren't able to hear the sounds of the fight going on on the roof. "What the hay is going on up there?" ._.

[20:24] * DustyFeathers struggles to pry herself away from her seat towards the screaming voice.

[20:24] <Softspeak> Roof:[18:19] <NMM> *struggling* You. May defeat. My beautiful darkness. BUT! As long as. There is light. Shadow will be there too.

[20:25] <SolidGear> "Collapsing or not, standing together and staying strong is important, right?" she asks, before pausing in her movement to stare up at the roof, "What in the hay is all that?!"

[20:25] <Softspeak> Nar: then marissa would hear her own voice - [18:20] <MarissaInaba> Yes. That is how shadows work.

[20:25] * MarissaInaba ._. wat

[20:25] <Softspeak> [18:20] <NMM> *The rainbow starts to wrap her again*

[20:25] * Whiteout nods, touching down carefully in the dark. "Sounds like a good idea, whoever suggested it." He trots over to the door to the kitchen, pushing on it carefully.

[20:25] <Softspeak> [18:20] <MarissaInaba> And as long as there is shadow, there has to be light to go with it!

[20:25] <Softspeak> [18:21] <NMM> This isn't over! *NMM releases her dark energy. All of it. The rainbow shatters into it's individual colors and flys off to the far corners of Equestria*

[20:26] <Softspeak> [18:22] <Luna> *A young filly lays unconscious where NMM once stood*

[20:26] <MarissaInaba> Sweet celestia what the hay is going on up there?

[20:26] * DustyFeathers heads towards the voice with increasing ease. "Hey, you alright? Listen, I'm here now, tell me what's troubling you."

[20:27] <Softspeak> Nar: the explosion of the rainbow blasts apart the clouds and the storm. The display of dancing color and light is visible to all through the cafeteria windows

[20:27] <MarissaInaba> (SONIC ROYAL RAINBOOM!)

[20:27] <NiteBrite> O_O was that... a...

[20:28] * Whiteout winces at the sudden brightness. "Wow." O_O

[20:28] <NiteBrite> *can't remember the word because rainbows are too rare*

[20:28] * MarissaInaba trots up the stairs but doesn't go onot the roof; she just listens at the door.

[20:28] * SolidGear stares up at the rainbow, totally surprised and dropping hers and Comets' food on accident.

[20:28] <DustyFeathers> "Are you al--" She looks out the window stunned. "Whoa..."

[20:29] <Triplecrown> I'm scared

[20:29] <Crosscomet> Okay, okay, calm down, Comet, calm down, calm. down. This is just something the likes of which you've never seen in your entire life. No biggie...

[20:29] <Triplecrown> I don't like the dark T^T

[20:29] * nod is still hiding under the table

[20:29] <SolidGear> "I...what does it mean, Comet? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" obviously she's totally lost all calm as she realizes she doesn't know what it is she's witnessing.

[20:29] <Triplecrown> *is temporarily lit up by the rainbow if dusty is looking at him*

[20:30] <Softspeak> Nar: School lights are still out

[20:30] * DustyFeathers shakes her head. "Hey, we're not in the dark now..." she spots Triple cowering. "...Crown?"

[20:30] * Whiteout is just stunned silent by the rainbow. But if you could see him, you'd catch him grinning.

[20:31] <Triplecrown> T_T *sniffle* please someone turn back on the lights

[20:31] <Crosscomet> What it MEANS? I don't know what it means! I'm not the authority on sky brightness!

[20:32] * SolidGear is still rather stunned from the display of light, staring at the sky as it darkens, "....good point. So, uhm...what now?"

[20:32] <DustyFeathers> "Triple? Is that you??" She gently walks to him and wraps a wing around him. "Hey, it's alright... We'll find you a light or something."

[20:32] <Softspeak> Nar: On the roof, the whole scene with luna and the doctors arrival happens. They are a little far away for MI to hear.

[20:32] * MarissaInaba is somehow okay with that. She peeks onto the roof but doesn't go out yet.

[20:33] <DustyFeathers> "Hey Princess! Got a spell to get some light going on around here?!"

[20:33] <Softspeak> Nar: The group, including a manticore all shuffle into a little box that is clearly too little and shut the door.

[20:33] <MarissaInaba> ... the hay?

[20:33] <Softspeak> Of course!

[20:34] <Softspeak> *doesn't use it*

[20:34] <DustyFeathers> "Well, how about you use it you dozy mare?!"

[20:34] * Whiteout snickers.

[20:34] <Crosscomet> I say, we do not panic... and we make sure no one got blinded or I don't know!

[20:34] <Softspeak> I'm busy maintaining order. *can only use one spell at a time*

[20:35] <Softspeak> TARDIS: WHIR WHIR WHIR *dematerializes*

[20:35] <DustyFeathers> "Yeah, we can all see how well that's working. If you really want us to love you, get that lightbulb in your horn going!"

[20:35] * SolidGear nods dumbly, "Yeah...good idea, let's go find...somepony to help..." obviously her mind is abuzz with the rainbow she'd seen.

[20:36] <Softspeak> Grr, FINE. *releases her followers*

[20:36] * MarissaInaba cautiously heads out onto the roof; she looks around to see if anyone else is still there.

[20:36] <Softspeak> *light*

[20:36] <Triplecrown> Thanks Dusty *huggeth* I'm sorry about earlier.

[20:36] <Triplecrown> T^T

[20:37] <DustyFeathers> "Thank you!" Dusty smiles and giggles sweetly in the most fake way possible.

[20:37] <nod> is it over?

[20:37] * Crosscomet walks over to the rubble of the caved in roof. "Everypony okay? No one trapped under there? I hope no one's trapped under there..."

[20:38] * SolidGear follows Comet, having forgotten about the dropped oats as she stares down the rubble, "Well, nopony's in, who all is still here?"

[20:38] * DustyFeathers pats Crown gently on the back with her wings. "It's, uh, alright. I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay..."

[20:38] <Softspeak> Nar cafeteria: Everypony is free! Free at last to boo and jeer at SS and make snide remarks.

[20:38] <Softspeak> Wah, buh... :<

[20:39] <Crosscomet> I think it's alright. It'll be alright!

[20:39] <MarissaInaba> ... is there anyone here?

[20:39] <Triplecrown> Roof: There is somepony there. Hiding behind the AC unit.

[20:39] * Whiteout takes the opportunity to push his way into the kitchen, eyeing the hole in the ceiling.

[20:39] * MarissaInaba heads over there cautiously. "H... hello? Are you all right? What happened here?"

[20:40] * DustyFeathers starts blushing slightly realising what she's done. "Oh dear, I've broken the status quo... We're doomed."

[20:40] <Triplecrown> I won't forget this. I promise not to hassle you about lunch tomorrow.

[20:41] <Dysentery> *is on the roof*

[20:41] <Dysentery> Hi hi...

[20:41] <MarissaInaba> What the hay just happened up here?

[20:41] <SolidGear> "Right..." and then SG decides to call out, "DUSTYbinarywraith! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

[20:41] * DustyFeathers keeps patting Crown. "Yeah, really, it's alright now. You're safe now..." She feels more awkward with each pat.

[20:42] <Dysentery> I have no idea T^T Anthrax was bringing me sandwhiches then suddenly all chaos broke loose.

[20:43] * DustyFeathers hears Solid calling out and slowly drags Crown with her unintentionally. "SOLID! I'm here!!"

[20:45] * SolidGear starts to head off towards Dusty's voice, deciding to push Comet along if she doesn't follow, "Oh, good. I'M COMING!" she yells over, mentally glad that she hadn't lost one of her two friends at the moment.

[20:46] <Whiteout> A low whistle is heard from the kitchen, and Whiteout pokes his head back into the cafeteria. "Pretty good chunk of ceiling missing in here. I'm gonna go check outside."

[20:46] * Crosscomet doesn't follow immediately, but goes under her own power after a bit of a push

[20:47] <Dysentery> Luna: *Also on the roof*

[20:47] <Dysentery> Luna: *stares up at the moon with a look of longing*

[20:48] * DustyFeathers waves one of her wings towards Solid. "Hey, um, I think I owe you an apology as far as this colt..." She lifts her other wing up revealing TripleCrown.

[20:48] * MarissaInaba would also notice her. "Uh... what about you? Do you have any idea what happened here?

[20:48] <Dysentery> She was the one who exploded in colors earlier.

[20:49] <MarissaInaba> wat

[20:49] * Whiteout so happens to emerge onto the roof via the hole in it about now, looking curiously at the sky

[20:49] <Luna> *the moon light seems to narrow a bright beam of light, like a spotlight on Luna revealing her to be an alicorn*

[20:50] * SolidGear gives a light grin at seeing Dusty and Crown together, "That's nice to, who's all going where? I mean, I saw a few ponies leaving, but didn't want to go without you. Oh, and Dusty Feathers, meet CrossComet." she says, introducing CC to DF.

[20:50] <MarissaInaba> ._. woah there that's new.

[20:51] <Luna> Nar: Marissa might see that Luna is crying quietly.

[20:51] * nod folows everyone up and watches silently

[20:51] <DustyFeathers> "Nice to meet ya, I'd offer a hoof but, uh..." She turns her head to Crown. "Look you might as well be kissing me if you cling on any longer."

[20:51] * MarissaInaba goes in closer. "Hey, are you okay?"

[20:52] * MarissaInaba concern has overriden her shyness.

[20:52] <Crosscomet> Yeah, it's good to meet someone who... wait, what's going on here?

[20:52] <Luna> Dysentery: *also curious*

[20:52] <Triplecrown> I-I'll be okay. :<

[20:52] <Triplecrown> (derp! arg)

[20:52] * Whiteout blinks in the moonlight, and wings over to land near Marissa. "What..."

[20:52] <Luna> I-I'll be okay. :<

[20:53] <Triplecrown> S-shutup crasscoments

[20:53] <MarissaInaba> You don't look like you'll be okay. Wanna talk about it?

[20:53] * SolidGear blinks a little and blushes at Dusty's remark to Crown, " two....need a stall or something?" she giggles nervously.

[20:54] <Crosscomet> I am so confused right now.

[20:54] <Triplecrown> *might have a thing for SG*

[20:54] <Triplecrown> *but is clinging to Dusty atm*

[20:55] * SolidGear whispers aside to Comet, "So am I...but I'm trying really hard to not make it any worse..." in a more normal volume, "So, Dusty...need any help with Crown? He seems a little...stuck to ya."

[20:55] <Luna> I just woke up from the longest nightmare ever.

[20:55] <MarissaInaba> :<

[20:56] * DustyFeathers rolls her eyes at Solid. "How drole, tell me have you ever considered being a comedian?" She slowly prys a hoof out of Crown's grip.

[20:56] <Luna> And now I can't find my big sister anywhere. *sniffle* I'm worried, but... but she can take care of herself.

[20:56] <Luna> I just miss her soo much

[20:57] * SolidGear moves up, offering a hoof to Crown and not knowing what she could be getting herself into, "Here, lean on me for a while, Crown...I'm sure Dusty needs to tend to stuff, like seeing where everypony went to."

[20:57] <Triplecrown> *is a little calmer thanks to SS horn light*

[20:58] <MarissaInaba> Well, what does she look like? MAybe I can help find her.

[20:58] <DustyFeathers> "Thanks Solid, now to make sure Dashy didn't see me..."

[20:58] <Triplecrown> *he lets dusty slip away*

[20:58] * DustyFeathers leaps up into the air. "I'm free!!"

[20:59] <Luna> She's an Alicorn like me. White with a beautiful flowing pink mane that shines like the early morning sky. Her cutie mark is the sun.

[21:00] * Whiteout blinks, takes in wings and horn, blinks again.

[21:00] * Crosscomet backs up slowly. She still doesn't trust TC, but isn't going to stop the others from trying to help.

[21:00] <Triplecrown> I feel too exhausted to make snark.

[21:00] <MarissaInaba> ... morning? Sun? *has no idea what those are.*

[21:01] <Luna> Oh. That's right. DrMoon said it had been 100 years

[21:01] * SolidGear giggles softly, "You don't need to make anything snarky, Comet's been doing that plenty already."

[21:01] <SolidGear> (er, that's directed at TC.)

[21:01] <Luna> you've never seen the sun have you?

[21:01] <Crosscomet> I haven't been trying to!

[21:01] <Whiteout> What's a sun?

[21:01] * DustyFeathers starts looking around the cafeteria for any ponies she might recognise.

[21:02] <Luna> Would... would you like to see?

[21:02] <MarissaInaba> No.

[21:02] * nod looks at luna confused

[21:02] <DustyFeathers> ((i.e. Dasher, NB and SS))

[21:02] <MarissaInaba> ... Yes.

[21:02] <MarissaInaba> If it'll help us find your sister.

[21:02] <Luna> Nar: they are all over by the window in a group.

[21:02] * Whiteout eyes Marissa for a second, shrugs. "Easier to look if we know what we're lookin' for."

[21:02] <Luna> Nar: @dusty

[21:03] <DustyFeathers> "Niiiiiiiite~ Nitey Britey!" She heads over to the group by the window.

[21:03] * SolidGear grins at CC, "It's fine, really...I like snarky."

[21:03] <NiteBrite> DUSTY! IS THAT YOU?

[21:03] <Crosscomet> Well then that's good!

[21:04] <NiteBrite> I'VE GONE BLIND~


[21:04] * SolidGear is probably not realizing she's probably making TripleCrown swoon over her.

[21:04] <DustyFeathers> "Aha! There you are- wait what? Don't tell me you broke your glasses..."

[21:05] <NiteBrite> DUSTY~ I Don't think the lunchmare was wearing a manenet today

[21:05] <SolidGear> "Yeah...I figured as much...what about you, Crown?" she asks, having started to hug him gently as a way to reassure him.

[21:05] <NiteBrite> *uses a hoof to feel his way towards the group. His glasses are indeed broken*

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