August 3rd, 2011 - Underground 2 : Still Underground

From Egs Mayhem


[19:02] <NiteBrite> Recap of the Blue Dragon cave: Dusty and Sweetness went to explore the pit, but it was too dark to see without Marissa's horn light, so they went to grab the torch by the fake door.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> It opened a secret passage. that led to a room of doors labeled with roman numerals I through X.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> Dusty and sweetness explored the pit, it was an obvious dragon layer.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> Sweetness left to get the tardis to aid in plundering these riches. Dusty ran into the dragon while sweetness was away.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> Sweetness ran into the doctor at the top of the mountain as he finally climbed his way up there. The two of them talk for a while.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> Marissa uses her finding things ability to find Dusty. This leads them to the dragon pit too. DrMoon and Sweetness arrive near Dusty in the TARDIS.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> DrMoon wants to leave before they wake the dragon, but it is too late. It is already awake.

[19:02] <NiteBrite> And that is the basic recap.


[19:08] <DrMoon> *2x facehoof combo* You woke. The BlueDragon.

[19:09] <BlueDragon> Doctor. IT IS YOU! RAHAHAHAHA!

[19:10] <BlueDragon> *the laughing is thunderous and terrible. The whole cave shakes. Rocks fall and stuff*

[19:10] <MarissaInaba> Now really isn't the time to be complaining about this. You can chew us out for not wanting to climb a giant-ass mountain AFTER we get away from the angry dragon.

[19:10] <DustyFeathers> "So... I take it this ISN'T your friend?"

[19:11] <MarissaInaba> Knowing our luck, yes it is.

[19:11] <DrMoon> I said I knew someone who COULD help.

[19:12] <BlueDragon> Whats this? Came to ask me a favor did you? ;)

[19:12] * Whiteout dodges a falling rock, and settles for glaring at the Doctor.

[19:12] <DrMoon> Ugh.

[19:12] * MarissaInaba grumbles under her breath. "I am so going to chew his punk-ass out after we get out of this"

[19:13] * DustyFeathers slowly sidles up towards the rest of the team. "I'm sorry, everypony..."

[19:13] <NiteBrite> Nar: NB is in the back of the line.

[19:13] <Nod> umm *de ages a bit* yea... mr. dragon sir

[19:13] <NiteBrite> What's going on?

[19:13] <BlueDragon> Mister?! >: [

[19:13] <MarissaInaba> It's not your fault, Dusty.

[19:14] <Nod> you are a mister ... right?

[19:14] <DrMoon> *Still facehoofing*

[19:15] <DrMoon> Please, just, please no.

[19:15] * Nod shuts up

[19:15] <BlueDragon> Are you saying I'm ugly?

[19:16] * SolidGear is staying quiet throughout all of this.

[19:16] <MarissaInaba> No. We are in awe of your infinite beauty.

[19:17] <SolidGear> "....what beauty? It's a he, right? Wouldn't that be handsomeness?"

[19:17] <NiteBrite> SG, you thought I was a filly earlier, and now this? *offers her his glasses* Here you need these

[19:18] * MarissaInaba whispering; "How can you tell? It's a bleeding giant lizard! It could be that it's a she and we just can't tell and that's why she's taking offense!"

[19:18] <DustyFeathers> "Hey, um, maybe we should leave this to the Doc, before it gets any more awkward..."

[19:18] <BlueDragon> Doctor, your friends are very rude.

[19:19] <MarissaInaba> Anyway, please don't kill us.

[19:19] <BlueDragon> And now I am a killer :(

[19:20] <MarissaInaba> Sorry. It's just that lately we've encountered a lot of big angry things that want to kill us.

[19:20] <MarissaInaba> Better safe than sorry. If you aren't going to kill us, then that's very kind of you.

[19:20] * MarissaInaba is conspicuously avoiding pronouns.

[19:20] * SolidGear looks up at the Blue Dragon, "Uhm...excuse me then, if I may offer my apologies for not knowing the differences between a female dragon and a male?"

[19:21] <Nod> yea what they said

[19:21] <BlueDragon> *starts to speak, but is cut off by the Dr waiving it off with a hoof*

[19:21] <MarissaInaba> *facehoof* this isn't helping guys.

[19:21] <DrMoon> Just ignore them BD.

[19:22] <Whiteout> Yes. Do. >_<

[19:22] * SolidGear pauses at a moment, before realizing that they don't even know the Dragon's name.

[19:22] <MarissaInaba> You shut the hell up. Everything that's happened has been your fault, but I'll deal with THAT later >:[

[19:22] * DustyFeathers is hiding her face with her wings at the tactless conversations.

[19:22] <BlueDragon> I must say these aren't like your usual companions at all

[19:23] * SolidGear looks to the Blue Dragon, "We aren't his usual companions...."

[19:23] <MarissaInaba> We aren't companions. In theory he was saving one of our friends from dying.

[19:23] <MarissaInaba> In practice he was nearly killing us because he didn't feel like explaining anything or thinking anything through.

[19:23] <BlueDragon> : /

[19:23] <MarissaInaba> Which is why we're here.

[19:24] <DrMoon> We came here for the treasure.

[19:24] <BlueDragon> :O

[19:24] <Nod> we came here for a cure

[19:24] <MarissaInaba> *twitch; knows enough about dragons to NOT ask for their treasure*

[19:24] <DustyFeathers> "Why must you ponies do this to me...." She hides away even more.

[19:24] <DrMoon> Sweetness: *is still wearing stolen jewlery*

[19:25] <BlueDragon> You know I can't just give you that.

[19:25] <BlueDragon> The very idea of asking.

[19:26] <MarissaInaba> Can we please just borrow it long enough to prevent our friends from de-aging into oblivion?

[19:26] <DrMoon> It is important.

[19:26] <MarissaInaba> Please?

[19:26] <Nod> i dont want to get any younger

[19:26] * SolidGear waits, then moves over to Dusty and sighs, "I agree...this is not all that great to hear, huh?"

[19:26] <BlueDragon> You really shouldn't use that time stream Dr.

[19:27] <MarissaInaba> *twitch again*

[19:27] <MarissaInaba> We wouldn't have if he'd told us what it does.

[19:27] * DustyFeathers sighs and looks to Solid. "If anypony needs me I'll be in the TARDIS." She whispered before heading in that direction. "Some ponies really don't understand politics."

[19:28] <DrMoon> Well that one was stabbed by NightmareMoon! *points at Nod*

[19:28] <BlueDragon> @dusty: Wait don't leave!

[19:28] * SolidGear follows after Dusty, "W...wait, Dusty!" she follows after her pegasus friend.

[19:29] * DustyFeathers stops. "Okay, maybe not."

[19:29] <BlueDragon> *tailswoops up the TARDIS* You can't leave.

[19:29] <Nod> *looks at the spot where he was stabbed* evil witch

[19:29] <MarissaInaba> >:|

[19:30] <MarissaInaba> You know what, whatever. I don't care enough to try and fix this.

[19:30] * SolidGear blinks at this, then looks to Dusty, "...something tells me we're here whether or not we want to be....."

[19:30] <BlueDragon> Well I guess that makes sense Doctor. I can sympathize. Really

[19:31] * MarissaInaba goes off to the corner and sits petulantly

[19:31] <DrMoon> Let me guess, you want to make a deal.

[19:32] <BlueDragon> Oh yes. Hehe. I'll let you have the treasure but in exchange...

[19:33] <DrMoon> yes?

[19:33] * DustyFeathers starts getting worried.

[19:34] <BlueDragon> You all must stay here forever and be my bestest friend/treasures.

[19:34] <MarissaInaba> What.

[19:34] <Whiteout> ._.

[19:34] <BlueDragon> Friend treasure. It's like we're friends, but you also belong to me. :)

[19:34] * SolidGear blinks, then facehoofs.

[19:34] <MarissaInaba> Doctor, I wish it to be known that I hate you.

[19:35] <BlueDragon> We'll have ever so much fun

[19:35] <Nod> umm im not shure whats a worse fate unliving or imprisonment here

[19:35] <DustyFeathers> "Unless you're meaning that we are the very treasure we seek?"

[19:35] <NiteBrite> *NB: At critical deaging* goo

[19:35] <DrMoon> Fine, whatever. Just hurry up with the thing.

[19:36] <Nod> *picks up NB*

[19:36] <MarissaInaba> WHAT.

[19:37] <BlueDragon> *retrieves the thing*

[19:37] <BlueDragon> Tada

[19:37] <MarissaInaba> No! No you are not just making that decision for us!

[19:37] <BlueDragon> Too late, friend slave, that I own

[19:37] <BlueDragon> and also love

[19:37] * SolidGear looks to Marissa and sighs, "I don't think we have much of a choice..."

[19:37] <Nod> its an emergancey

[19:38] <BlueDragon> *uses the thing to stop the de-aging*

[19:38] <MarissaInaba> Well, that's just swell. I don't even need to be here.

[19:38] <NiteBrite> *still a little foal. but not getting any younger*

[19:39] <Nod> well. i think it worked

[19:39] <Whiteout> *As a quiet aside to Marissa* Definitely understanding how somepony ended up banished to the moon.

[19:39] * SolidGear stares at Nite, "Well....he's stopped de-aging...but I was sorta expecting it to remove all the effects of the water."

[19:40] * MarissaInaba aside. "Yes. Yes I can too."

[19:41] <BlueDragon> Okay, since you weren't part of the deal you can leave, but I'm afraid that shiny metal chair belongs to my collection. *takes the wheeled chair device*

[19:41] <Nod> reversing all the effects might not be a good thing

[19:41] <DrMoon> Reversing the what now?

[19:41] <MarissaInaba> ... Okay? I didn't really even need the chair.

[19:41] * DustyFeathers is left speechless, instead kicking at the dust in frustration.

[19:42] <MarissaInaba> ... Wh... you... I... *sputters in incoherent rage*

[19:42] <MarissaInaba> There's no way to FIX this? And you didn't think we might OBJECT?

[19:42] <BlueDragon> So what should we do first? Friendslaves?

[19:42] <DrMoon> Oh, you mean the science. Of course we can fix that.

[19:42] <Nod> *trurns to BD* can i at least have little pop back. he is my rapter toaster thing. i left him in the TARDIS

[19:43] <BlueDragon> :O Want!

[19:43] <MarissaInaba> I hate you.

[19:43] <MarissaInaba> *that was directed at the Doctor*

[19:43] <DrMoon> Time is science, not magic.

[19:43] * Whiteout will just be joining Dusty in the hiding under a wing crowd now.

[19:43] <DrMoon> Just sayin'

[19:44] <DustyFeathers> "I'm sorry, this is just ridiculous."

[19:44] * MarissaInaba meanwhile begins banging her head against the wall.

[19:44] <MarissaInaba> This is the stupidest thing that has ever happened to me.

[19:45] * SolidGear glares at the Doctor, slowly stepping up to him, "Okay. Doctor? I'm going to tell you one simple thing. If you can't tell us a straight answer, I will have to buck you hard in the chest. I've killed zomponies with my kicks, I'm pretty sure it'll cause some nasty internal bleeding for you. So can you please stop with purposefully not telling us what you know?"

[19:45] <BlueDragon> Okay pillow pony, you can go get the toaster raptor, but only if you promise to comeback and give it to me

[19:45] <Nod> *gears turning in head* but he is mine

[19:45] * SolidGear looks ready to simply eat bolts with the way her teeth are set.

[19:45] <MarissaInaba> I don't even think he's doing it on purpose. He really doesn't get that what he's doing is objectionable.

[19:46] <DrMoon> Sorry, I'm just used to timetravel. Not saying things is the best way to prevent universe exploding paradoxes

[19:46] <Nod> how about a trade

[19:46] <MarissaInaba> *eyetwitch* You are a horrible person.

[19:46] <BlueDragon> A trade? Name it!

[19:46] <SolidGear> "Not saying things causes a paradox regardless!" she growls at the Doctor, stamping both front hooves on the ground in frustration.

[19:46] <Nod> our freedom for little pop

[19:47] <BlueDragon> No way. Too pricey. *hmmps*

[19:47] <DrMoon> How about I make a counter offer?


[19:47] <MarissaInaba> There's a difference between avoiding paradoxes and witholding information in such a way that we END UP A DRAGON'S PROPERTY.

[19:47] <MarissaInaba> YOU ASSHOLE.

[19:48] <DrMoon> Shh! BD, how about we play for it? Care to wager our freedom against the velocitoaster?

[19:48] * DustyFeathers launches herself at the Doctor, snarling and pinning him to the ground.

[19:48] <MarissaInaba> Don't you shush me!

[19:48] <DustyFeathers> "YOU SHUT UP. JUST SHUT UP."

[19:48] <DrMoon> Ooof


[19:49] <BlueDragon> *taps chin with claw* I would be agreeable to that.

[19:49] * SolidGear blinks at hearing all this, mildly scared a bit at Dusty getting angry.

[19:49] * MarissaInaba trots over and leans down into the Doctor's face.


[19:50] * SolidGear looks over at BD, surprised the dragon was agreeing to this.

[19:50] <MarissaInaba> This entire thing is your fault. You don't get to be the one to fix it.

[19:50] <BlueDragon> What kind of game?


[19:51] <SolidGear> "Uhm....Dusty....Marissa? Can we...uhm...not harm the Doctor just yet? I mean, we can do that after whatever it is he's got planned goes on here..."

[19:51] <MarissaInaba> I don't care!

[19:51] <DrMoon> *grimaces at the yelling* Sheees! You guys are the ones who didn't trust and follow me. We could have been in and out with no problems.

[19:51] <MarissaInaba> Every plan he has come up with has almost gotten us killed!

[19:51] <MarissaInaba> Every single one!

[19:51] <MarissaInaba> And you shut up!

[19:52] * SolidGear sounds a lot more timid than usual, "Excepting this one....didn't we go off without him?"

[19:52] * MarissaInaba picks up a rock with her telekinesis and throws it at the Doctor's face

[19:52] <MarissaInaba> Your talking privileges are revoked!


[19:53] <DrMoon> @[email protected]

[19:54] * SolidGear tries speaking up a bit more, "But...we picked that of our own accord...."

[19:54] * Whiteout shakes his head. "Calm down, everypony. This isn't getting us anywhere."

[19:54] <NiteBrite> Guys, this isn't a productive line of discussion

[19:54] <MarissaInaba> You are a tactless asshole and a borderline sociopath and I think we should just leave him to the bloddy dragon!

[19:54] <BlueDragon> *is amused at her play things*


[19:55] <BlueDragon> D'aaaw you guys fight so cute. I am having second thoughts about that toaster deal.

[19:55] <DrMoon> @[email protected]


[19:56] <SolidGear> "But....but.....oh hayseed..." she moves up to Dusty and Marissa, then turns around and prepares to buck the two, "I'm sorry if this hurts...but somepony has to stop you two yelling."

[19:56] <MarissaInaba> Woah hey no killing.

[19:56] <MarissaInaba> I'm all for giving him a well deserved thrashing and maybe taking away his time machine, but no killing.

[19:56] <DrMoon> @[email protected]


[19:57] <MarissaInaba> Because we're better than him?

[19:57] <MarissaInaba> I don't know about you, but I'd rather not stoop to his level.

[19:58] * SolidGear thus aims a bucking at Dusty, as she's noticed Marissa has at least stopped yelling.

[19:58] <NiteBrite> We've gotten out of worse jams. We're the elements of harmony after all.

[19:58] <MarissaInaba> Hey!

[19:58] <Nod> yea

[19:58] * DustyFeathers tries to take some deep breaths and slaps the Doctor once with her wing before flying up away from him.

[19:58] <NiteBrite> Why do we even need his help dealing with the dragon

[19:58] <NiteBrite> ?

[19:58] <BlueDragon> Dealing with?

[19:59] <MarissaInaba> We just want to go home!

[19:59] * SolidGear looks nervous as she turns back around to notice she missed entirely, "...oh good, I didn't hurt anyone..." sits down, shaking lightly.

[19:59] <DrMoon> *slapped* @[email protected] *is just going to lay there for a while*

[19:59] <MarissaInaba> I'm tired and angry and my whole body aches and I just want to GO HOME.

[20:00] <NiteBrite> haha, *element light-up* this is a pretty ridiculous situation when you think about it

[20:00] * Whiteout the very, very quiet white pony in the corner nods at Marissa. "Agreed. I -hate- all this fighting."

[20:01] * DustyFeathers is shaking in fury.

[20:01] * SolidGear looks around at everypony else, then sighs and hangs her head, "...I can't agree more, Whiteout. I don't like all this fighting."

[20:02] <Sweetness> Agreed. No more fighting. :<

[20:03] <Sweetness> Not amongst friends.

[20:03] * MarissaInaba the wounds and stress finally take their toll as she flops over unconscious.

[20:03] <NiteBrite> :<

[20:03] * DustyFeathers slowly floats down, hanging her head in shame.

[20:04] * Whiteout moves over to check on Marissa, looking worried.

[20:04] * MarissaInaba is okay; she's just fainted and seems to be sleeping as peacefully as she could in this situation.

[20:06] * SolidGear sighs, then gets up and looks at everypony gathered, before deciding to go look at the Doctor.

[20:06] * DustyFeathers trots away from the group slightly.

[20:09] <Nod> *face hoof*

[20:09] <BlueDragon> Okay!

[20:09] <Sweetness> Ready?

[20:09] <Nod> we are so screwed

[20:09] <BlueDragon> Yes! No wait. Is it one two three shoot, or is it one two shoot on three?

[20:10] <Sweetness> The first one.

[20:10] <BlueDragon> Okay!

[20:10] <BlueDragon> One, two, three...

[20:10] <BlueDragon> Shoot *scissors*

[20:11] <Sweetness> Shoot *It is a hoof*

[20:11] <BlueDragon> : ?

[20:11] <Sweetness> Nar: hooves can't play rock paper scissors silly ponies

[20:11] <Sweetness> It is a rock 9_6

[20:12] <BlueDragon> Really?

[20:12] <Sweetness> 9_6 Yes.

[20:12] <BlueDragon> Daaaaaang

[20:13] * SolidGear listens to all this, sighing as she looks at the Doctor to see if he's recovered at all from the slap Dusty gave 'im.

[20:13] <Sweetness> DrMoon: That was my plan too @[email protected]

[20:13] * MarissaInaba would prolly drop another rock on him if she were awake

[20:14] * Nod jaw droped

[20:14] * DustyFeathers goes back to hiding her face in her wings.

[20:14] * Whiteout sighs. "You know what? I don't even want to know. Tell me later if we're leaving."

[20:14] <Sweetness> So, can we have our tardis back, *sweetest voice, soulful eyes* Pretty Please

[20:15] <BlueDragon> *heart melts with D'aaaaaaw*

[20:15] <BlueDragon> H-here *returneths*

[20:15] <BlueDragon> Are you sure you don't want to stay? :(

[20:16] * SolidGear smiles at finding the Doctor at least somewhat okay, though looks at everypony else, deciding to let Sweetness handle this one.

[20:17] <NiteBrite> We can come visit you, but only as friends.

[20:18] <SolidGear> "Right. I don't want to wind up as a posession again..."

[20:18] <Nod> not slaves

[20:18] <BlueDragon> Not treasurefriends?

[20:18] <Nod> no

[20:18] <Sweetness> No 9_6, we like you anyways. You don't need to own us for that.

[20:18] * DustyFeathers gravely trots up to the Doctor, holding her head low still.

[20:19] <BlueDragon> Really?

[20:19] <Sweetness> 9_6 *serious* yes.

[20:19] <DustyFeathers> "I'm not expecting you or anypony to forgive me sometime soon, but I am sorry for doubting you, and threatening to kill you."

[20:20] <SolidGear> "....yeah, I'll still be your friend." she directs to the Blue Dragon, giving as much of a smile as she can muster.

[20:20] <MarissaInaba> ("Don't be sorry for doubting him. He kind of deserves it.")

[20:20] <Sweetness> DrMoon: s'okay. I was w-w-w- I. I w-as w-w-w-w

[20:21] <Sweetness> DrMoon: Bah this is hard to say. Y-you know what I mean right?

[20:21] <BlueDragon> Wow, T_T thanks.

[20:21] * SolidGear looks back at the Doctor and grins, "You were wrong, yes...I get it. You don't like to admit making mistakes."

[20:21] <BlueDragon> I've always just had the doctor to come visit.

[20:22] <BlueDragon> He NEVER just wants to visit me without wanting something. And always it is with the trickster games. T_T

[20:22] <MarissaInaba> Mrgl.

[20:23] <Nod> Hmm well. Would you like to take care of little pop? I doubt my folks will let me keep him

[20:23] <BlueDragon> :O

[20:23] <BlueDragon> Really?

[20:24] <BlueDragon> Even after I was mean and a dumb dumbby head?

[20:24] <Nod> so long as you treat him nicely

[20:24] <DustyFeathers> "You weren't being a mean dumbby head, you were lonely."

[20:25] <Sweetness> Doctor:You don't need to give her anything. She won't give it back.

[20:25] <MarissaInaba> Marissa: *twitches*

[20:25] <BlueDragon> T^T

[20:26] * SolidGear looks to the Doctor, "But that doessn't matter...we're choosing to be her friends, Doctor. Unlike you, who seems to not know what it means. Besides, its not like we have anything to worry about."

[20:29] <DustyFeathers> "I've just realised, we never got your name, if you have any." She looked to the dragon.

[20:29] <Sweetness> DrMoon: Okay, whatever. Can we just give her the toaster and go?

[20:30] <BlueDragon> *shock* M-my name?

[20:30] <BlueDragon> No one has asked before.

[20:30] * SolidGear sits down and listens, ignoring the Doctor as he's only getting impatient.

[20:31] <Nod> shure just open the door doc

[20:31] <DustyFeathers> "Well, I'd like to ask, we're all friends now after all... Well, maybe not so much with me, but that's besides the point!"

[20:31] <MarissaInaba> Mrgl grf *grumbling in her sleep*

[20:32] <Sweetness> *gives key to nod*

[20:32] <BlueDragon> I don't think I have a name. Or possibly! I forgot :<

[20:32] <Nod> *opens TARDIS*

[20:33] * little_pop jumps out of TARDIS

[20:33] <DustyFeathers> "Ah. How about we give you a new name?"

[20:34] * SolidGear grins lightly, "What's your favorite thing to do? I got my name 'cuz I loved to play with gears as a filly..."

[20:34] <BlueDragon> Really? For me! *fans herself* this is just so much.

[20:34] * little_pop stairs at BD

[20:34] <little_pop> mama

[20:34] <little_pop> ?

[20:35] <BlueDragon> *gently nuzzles toasty, it is a family reunion*

[20:35] <BlueDragon> *would like a name plz*

[20:35] <Whiteout> ._.

[20:35] <Nod> well thats somthing you dont see everyday

[20:35] <DustyFeathers> "Well, does anyone have any ideas?"

[20:36] <BlueDragon> *always wanted kids*

[20:36] <Sweetness> Doctor: How about bluedragon? Cause she is blue. And a dragon

[20:36] * DustyFeathers looks at BD and lilpop.

[20:36] <DustyFeathers> "Mama?"

[20:37] * SolidGear shrugs at this sight, "Well...that's not something you hear everyday."

[20:37] <Nod> how about sapphire

[20:40] <little_pop> *nuzzles 'mamma'*

[20:41] <Whiteout> Huh. Well, glad it seems to like you.

[20:41] <BlueDragon> @ dusty: Yes. I like that. Mama is a great name.

[20:41] * SolidGear thinks a bit on this, "Hmmm....yes, 'Mama' fits."

[20:42] <DustyFeathers> "Don't thank me, thank your new little one."

[20:42] <BlueDragon> *cuteness and stuff w/ new pet toaster thing*

[20:43] * SolidGear grins amusedly and whispers aside to Dusty, "Have YOU ever wanted to be called 'mama'?"

[20:43] <Nod> well it looks like it was a good thing i did pick him up after all

[20:44] <BlueDragon> I can't thank you all enough for your kindness and generosity.

[20:44] * DustyFeathers rolls her eyes and lightly taps Solid. "Oh shush, I thought it was cute."

[20:44] <Nod> *pauses for a moment of realisation* you might want to use the thing you used on us on him though he was hit with the time stream too

[20:45] <BlueDragon> Oh right *does so*

[20:45] <BlueDragon> Speaking of which, *rummage rummage through treasure pile*

[20:46] <BlueDragon> *produces another item* take this, as a token of my appreciation.

[20:46] * SolidGear giggles softly at Dusty's reaction, not saying anything further on the matter.

[20:47] <BlueDragon> *it is a doodadthingamajig*

[20:47] * SolidGear turns her attention to the item produced, wondering what it is and moving up to grab it for an examination.

[20:48] <SolidGear> "Thanks..." she states, looking back to everypony else.

[20:48] <Sweetness> Doctor: You had that all along? Why didn't you tell me?

[20:48] <Nod> umm what is it?

[20:48] <BlueDragon> Because you are butts doctor.

[20:49] * DustyFeathers nods her head to Mama and smiles.

[20:49] <Sweetness> Doctor: I was going to have to fly them all the way to the fountain of aging.

[20:49] * SolidGear shrugs, looking at the device, "So...what is it, Doctor?"

[20:50] <NiteBrite> I'm pretty sure I don't want to go to the fountain of aging. What/wherever that is.

[20:50] * SolidGear seems to be holding it in her hooves, rather than her mouth for the moment.

[20:51] <Sweetness> Doctor: It

[20:51] <Sweetness> 's

[20:51] * Whiteout just stares at the Doctor. "Fountain of... arghle."

[20:51] <Sweetness> --

[20:51] <BlueDragon> It is a temporal equalizer.

[20:52] <Nod> english doc

[20:52] * SolidGear blinks a bit, staring at the object, "...Well, that solves our temporal time problems then."

[20:52] <Sweetness> It puts your time back in balance.

[20:52] * DustyFeathers rolls her eyes. "Typical."

[20:53] <Sweetness> Doc: It puts your time back in balance.

[20:53] <Nod> so would it restore my wound if we used it?

[20:53] * SolidGear nods, "I figured, with that sort of what does this do to us? I hope we don't suddenly vanish somewhere..."

[20:54] <SolidGear> "....oor regain wounds."

[20:55] * DustyFeathers turns to Whiteout. "Hey, sorry you had to see me like that earlier..."

[20:56] <Sweetness> Dr: *mumbojumbo that means it fixes them without wounds or whatever*

[20:57] * SolidGear totally seems to understand everything he's talking about.

[20:57] <Whiteout> "No worries, Feathers. I'm not too far from that point myself." He smiles, tiredly. "Just want to get us all home well and maybe get a day or two's peace before everything everywhere blows up again."

[20:58] <SolidGear> "All, let's do a first test, starting wiiith...." she turns around and winds up pointing at Dusty first, "Oh...hey, that'll do."

[20:58] <DustyFeathers> "Hey wait, what?"

[20:58] * SolidGear uses the temporal equalizer on Dusty Feathers, however it's supposed to be used.

[21:00] <DustyFeathers> "Hey, I'm naturally this youthful thank you very much!"

[21:00] <NiteBrite> TempEq: *a beam shoots Dusty* *nothing happens*

[21:00] <NiteBrite> Display: Temporal energy in balance

[21:01] <NiteBrite> Display: blinks 0

[21:02] <NiteBrite> So....

[21:02] <NiteBrite> what?

[21:02] * Whiteout waves his good wing at Solid. "Might as well test that on me. Worst that happens is I'm still a wing down, right?"

[21:02] <NiteBrite> *has no idea what was supposed to happen*

[21:03] * Whiteout is clearly making light of the situation.

[21:04] <DustyFeathers> "Ha! Told you I was just naturally youthful." She whips her hair and flutters her eyelashes to Whiteout.

[21:04] * SolidGear looks at the device, "Well...that's right, you didn't touch the stream, Dusty."

[21:04] <MarissaInaba> Mrfgrf

[21:04] * SolidGear smirks and fires this time at Nite Brite.

[21:06] <NiteBrite> TempEq: NB starts to grow back up. As he does the counter on the gun starts to countdown: -0.1, -0.2, -0.3... etc until it stops at -2 and NB is normal again.

[21:06] <NiteBrite> Display: Temporal Energy in balance

[21:07] * Whiteout can't resist smiling at Dusty.

[21:07] <NiteBrite> Display: blinks -2 then shuts off.

[21:07] * MarissaInaba actually someone should probably wake her up.

[21:07] <NiteBrite> I am normal again.

[21:07] <little_pop> hey your normal again

[21:07] <SolidGear> "Huh....well, that worked. Now, who else do we need to temporally fix?"

[21:07] <little_pop> well as normal as you ever where

[21:07] <NiteBrite> This is great eh Marissa *nudge nudge*\

[21:08] <MarissaInaba> brf

[21:08] * MarissaInaba swats NB away

[21:08] <NiteBrite> X | "Dah!"*is swatted*

[21:09] <NiteBrite> Go for WO SG.

[21:10] <NiteBrite> oO(the toaster, fix the toaster next)

[21:10] * DustyFeathers moves a little bit away from Whiteout in case he spreads out his wings.

[21:10] <Nod> im next

[21:10] * SolidGear nods, "Sure thing...." and zapz Whiteout.

[21:12] <NiteBrite> TempEq: starts to fix WO's wing, counting down as it does. When his wing is halfway restored it stops and flashes -4 over and over again.

[21:12] <NiteBrite> Display: Equalization incomplete. -2/-4.

[21:13] <Whiteout> >_<

[21:13] <NiteBrite> Display: Battery full, switching to discharge mod

[21:13] * SolidGear stares at the readout, "So...what do we do with...wait, Discharge mode?"

[21:13] <NiteBrite> TempEq: The trigger changes in color from green to red.

[21:13] <Nod> that cant be good

[21:14] * MarissaInaba wakes up. "bluh... wha'd I miss?

[21:14] * SolidGear has a slight clue what that means, "Uhm....Doctor, can I ask if discharge mode means it'll put the temporal displacement on somepony else?"

[21:15] <NiteBrite> Doctor: It is an equalizer. it equalizes right? it went negative as it moved time forward, so logically

[21:15] <DustyFeathers> "I'm glad somepony has an idea how this thing works."

[21:17] <SolidGear> "Right, so I have to hit somepony else with it so we can empty the battery? Works for me, I think." and thus aims it at Dusty, giving her only -2.

[21:17] <DustyFeathers> "Hey, stop pointing that thing at me!"

[21:17] * SolidGear then quickly turns it to herself, releasing the remaining charge into herself.

[21:18] <NiteBrite> TempEq: They are now little foals. -2 is a big dose.

[21:19] <NiteBrite> Display: Discharge complete. blinks 0.

[21:19] <MarissaInaba> ... What the hay?

[21:19] <NiteBrite> TempEq: trigger turns green again.

[21:19] <Whiteout> O_O

[21:19] <BlueDragon> X3

[21:19] <MarissaInaba> Someone please explain what is going on here?

[21:19] * SolidGear blinks, "uhm...myabe I wwent a biit too mwuch wwith it?" SG now has her right foreleg back, the prosthetic one lying beside her.

[21:19] <BlueDragon> D'aaw little fillies

[21:20] * Sweetness is now known as DrMoon

[21:20] <DrMoon> I'd be happy to explain Malinda

[21:20] <MarissaInaba> Not you.

[21:21] * Whiteout is valiantly trying not to laugh.

[21:21] <DrMoon> You see that is a temporal equilizer and it *blah blah blah*

[21:21] * DustyFeathers glares at Whiteout but it ends up looking cute.

[21:21] <little_pop> *picks up leg* ned a hoof

[21:22] <DustyFeathers> "Go on, let it all out."

[21:22] <MarissaInaba> Oh my god shut up before I get pissed off again.

[21:22] * Whiteout just grins at Dusty. "That's adorable."

[21:23] <MarissaInaba> Whiteout! You're reliable. Please explain to me what just happened and why am I on the ground?

[21:23] * SolidGear looks up at everypony else, then realizes she can feel a proper hoof for her right foreleg, "Huh....wwell, this seems abwit cool..." she stands up, momentarily ignoring Marissa as she aims the equalizer at Whiteout's wing to finish the job.

[21:25] * NiteBrite closes the RP, cut log here

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