August 4th, 2011 - Alternates : A New Day in Equestria

From Egs Mayhem


[19:14] <NiteBrite> Okay, last time:

[19:14] <NiteBrite> In the timeclone story line:

[19:16] <NiteBrite> The lunch bell rang at ponyville high. The characters made their way to lunch. NB, SG, and DF got hassled by TC in the halls. CC came by and confronted TC, but TC was able to sneak off taking NB (and NB's lunch money) with him

[19:17] <NiteBrite> In the cafeteria, WO, MI, and Nod were held up in the lunch line by SS and her fangroup. WO pushed his way through the crowd, accidently bumping into SS.

[19:18] <NiteBrite> SS proceeds to be stunned and develop a crush on WO. She and her group leave and the lunch line starts to move again

[19:19] <NiteBrite> The ponies get their food, the school's infamous "watery oats". And seating happens. There is light conversation and Dusty even gets to talk to Dashie for a little before--

[19:21] <NiteBrite> The NMM battle goes on on the roof. Epic storms, missing teachers, Captain pony busting through the roof demolishing the kitchen. And then the explosion of color and light that was the Captain pony super rainbow defeating NMM

[19:22] <NiteBrite> Marissa saw some of the end of the battle. WO later joined her on the roof. There MI finds Dysentery and Luna. Luna talks about herself a bit and her sister.

[19:23] <NiteBrite> Then when MI and WO seem completely baffled by what a sun is, she asks if they would like to see for themselves.

[19:23] <NiteBrite> She is offering to raise the sun.

[19:23] <NiteBrite> And that is the basic recap.


[19:28] <Luna> @ Wo and Mi: Oh, that's right, DrMoon did say its been over 100 years... you've never seen the sun have you

[19:28] * MachDasher is now known as Triplecrown

[19:28] <Marissa|Underscore> I don't even know what that is?

[19:28] <Whiteout> Well, I'd guess not. I mean, without knowing what the hay a 'sun' is...

[19:29] <Triplecrown> T_T I don't like the dark, *stays near SS's horn lighting*

[19:30] * Crosscomet shakes her head

[19:30] <Luna> It was my sister's special talent. A sky orb that brought warmth and light to all of Equestria.

[19:31] <Luna> :< I miss her soo much.

[19:31] * DustyFeathers sighs. "I thought we went over this already... You're going to be fine." She comforts Triple with one wing.

[19:31] <Marissa|Underscore> ... Huh.

[19:31] <Marissa|Underscore> :|

[19:32] <Luna> You son't sound very impressed.

[19:32] <Nod> *thinks for a minute* never heard of anything like that

[19:32] <Marissa|Underscore> I'm skeptical if anything.

[19:32] <Luna> Would... would you like to see it?

[19:33] * Whiteout blinks. "You can do that?"

[19:33] <Marissa|Underscore> If you can, it'd help.

[19:33] * Marissa|Underscore is still a bit confused.

[19:34] <Luna> I've been out of practice for 1000 years, and Tia was always better at it, but in a pinch... yea I think I can.

[19:34] <NiteBrite> There there, TC *pat pat*

[19:34] <Triplecrown> Pat me again NB, and I will break your hoof T_T

[19:35] <NiteBrite> *stops* ^_^;; righty

[19:36] * Whiteout considers. "Well, she knows you're the only other one who can do it, right?" He smiles. "So maybe she'll see it and know you're looking for her?"

[19:36] <Luna> : ) YES! That is a wonderful idea *is cheered up greatly*

[19:37] <DustyFeathers> "Come on you colts, play nice now."

[19:37] <Luna> Okay, lets do this thing. Stand back everypony.

[19:37] <SolidGear> " don't need to snap at him, he's just trying to be nice." SG says, trying to keep herself calm as she's still holding Triple Crown.

[19:37] <Marissa|Underscore> And if we know what it looks like, it'll help us find her, even if she doesn't come running right away!

[19:37] * Marissa|Underscore stands back.

[19:37] <Nod> *stands back*

[19:37] * Whiteout has no idea what to expect, but takes a step back.

[19:37] <Crosscomet> I shouldn't even say anything.

[19:37] <NiteBrite> D'aaw but he is so cute witf his wittle cwy-wying.

[19:38] * SolidGear glares at Nite Brite, "Okay...even I found that in poor taste, Nite."

[19:38] <Triplecrown> NB, I swear when the lights come back on...

[19:39] <NiteBrite> Sorry, its just I am hungry. He ate all my food! All of it! :(

[19:39] <Triplecrown> You should thank me, that cafeteria stuff is aweful, probably poison.

[19:40] * Crosscomet sighs. "When the lights come on, then I'll having something to say. Gotta worry about one thing at a time."

[19:40] <NiteBrite> D: Poison, but I secretly ate some!!!

[19:40] <Triplecrown> Aha I knew it.

[19:40] <Triplecrown> *lightly drubs NB*

[19:40] <NiteBrite> Ow hey!

[19:41] <Luna> *braces her stance and lowers her head* Okay, I can do this *her horn grows brightly as her wings flare out to her sides*

[19:42] * SolidGear sighs, shaking her head and lets go of Crown, moving over to Dusty, " we know who all is here? Did anypony leave the cafeteria?"

[19:43] * Marissa|Underscore watches ._.

[19:44] * DustyFeathers shrugs her wings. "I couldn't really tell. We'll find out soon enough."

[19:44] <Luna> Just think of.. *raises her head with strained effort* Tia out there... *flaps wings slowly begins to rise little by little, flap by flap* alone.

[19:45] <Luna> Nar: A blindingly bright light peaks over the horizon. It rises in sych as Luna lifts higher into the air

[19:45] <SolidGear> "Right." and she looks back towards Triple Crown, staring at the windows as a bright ball of light starts to ascend.

[19:46] <Nod> .... whoa

[19:46] <Luna> Watching the sky...

[19:46] * Whiteout stares.

[19:46] <Marissa|Underscore> ._.

[19:47] <Crosscomet> What is that... what is that what is that what is that!

[19:47] <Luna> *Sunrise. It is the craziest thing you ever did see* I'm here Tia! And I promise I will find you.

[19:48] <Marissa|Underscore> ._.

[19:48] <Luna> Nar: School is filled with light, this has never happened before. It is practically blinding

[19:48] * DustyFeathers looks out of the window before quickly turning her eyes away. "Ow, okay, that's too bright. Note to self: Don't look straight at it again."

[19:48] <Nod> *is stunned into falling asleep*

[19:48] <Luna> *horn stops glowing. She falls to the ground.*

[19:49] * Whiteout is entirely at a loss. He doesn't even realize he's crying until he has to wince away from the light, wings unconsciously spreading to bask in the warmth of the sunlight.

[19:50] * SolidGear looks away from the bright light and blinks as she realizes that the whole school is now lit up, " Crown doesn't need to be scared of the dark!"

[19:50] * Marissa|Underscore is somewhat stunned but not too much not to notice Luna fall. "Hey, are you okay?"

[19:50] <Crosscomet> How is this even possible it's supposed to be a myth...

[19:50] <NiteBrite> Nar: After an initial adjustment to the changed lighting...

[19:50] <SolidGear> "I don't know, Comet....but it seems not all myths are false."

[19:51] <NiteBrite> I can see so much better! : D

[19:51] <Triplecrown> Then see this *punches-hoofs NB in the gut*

[19:52] <NiteBrite> Oof *crumples* pain.

[19:52] * DustyFeathers is still slightly wincing. "Uh, can anypony see some green splotches too or is it just me?" She shakes her head a bit. "Oh, okay they're gone now..."

[19:52] <Triplecrown> *stomps away huffily*

[19:53] <Crosscomet> It's not... I can't... *shakes out of being mesmerized* *sees TC stomping away* Bleh. Good riddance.

[19:53] * SolidGear looks at Crown stomping away, "Uhm...." she sighs and goes to tend to NiteBrite.

[19:54] <Luna> *is breathing a little heavily* I'm okay. hah I just hah its a lot heavier than I remembered.

[19:55] * Nod falls over

[19:55] <NiteBrite> *holding back manly tears* whisper voice: I'm okay SG.

[19:55] <NiteBrite> I just felt like resting on the floor *wince* for a while.

[19:56] <Nod> *wakes up* what is that. is that the sun you where talking about

[19:56] <SolidGear> "Oh, really now?" she asks, before offering a hoof up for NB, "Maybe for now you'll avoid confronting Crown, hmmm?"

[19:56] * DustyFeathers looks around the cafeteria for any missing ponies, going up into the air for extra vision over heads.

[19:56] * Whiteout blinks again, turning to Luna. "That... that is amazing..."

[19:57] <Crosscomet> Or, you got sucker punched by the guy. He thinks he can be so scared when the lights go out and get away with it, I swear...

[19:57] <NiteBrite> Nar: WO and MI are gone, as are all the teachers, also anthrax and dysentery but they always have lunch up on the roof. (though the roof did just fall in a little)

[19:58] <Crosscomet> But point being! There is a ball of light in the sky seriously people how why.

[19:58] <DustyFeathers> "Um, Comet? I think that fear was legit. But now there's light again, he's the Super Stallion or something..."

[19:58] <NiteBrite> H-he's just *takes SG's hoof* going through, a *deep breath* [normal voice]: rough time

[19:59] <Crosscomet> And if you don't stand up to him he'll be going through a hard time on your face.

[19:59] <Luna> You really should see my sister do it. *gets to her feet wobbly* she makes a whole show of it.

[19:59] <Marissa|Underscore> Well, that's good at least.

[19:59] <DustyFeathers> "Anyway... Solid, we seem to have everypony but the teachers and... one or two others. Like that sassy unicorn with the bow."

[20:00] * SolidGear shrugs lightly, glad to have NB on his hooves again, "Right, let's go find them the roof?"

[20:00] * SolidGear looks up at the caved-in roof, thinking that's where those ponies went to.

[20:01] <NiteBrite> Okay, lead the way *will follow*

[20:01] <Marissa|Underscore> I dunno. I don't think I'd care for a big production.

[20:01] * Whiteout is still a bit awestruck. "Just who are you, and your sister? Nopony could do something like that..."

[20:02] <DustyFeathers> "Well, I think I need to apologise to SoftSpeak, I did kind of humiliate her in front of everypony."

[20:02] <Crosscomet> I thought everypony got out of there... who went in there after we were all safe?

[20:03] * SolidGear starts to head out of the cafeteria, wanting to find some stairs, "Okay Dusty, go and find Softspeak and talk to her. Meanwhile, I'm gonna go find some stairs to get to the roof."

[20:03] <Luna> Oh! wherever are my manner. *blushes a little at her silliness* I- I'm Princess luna, and m-my sister is Princess Celestia of Equestria.

[20:03] <Marissa|Underscore> What.

[20:03] <Whiteout> O_O

[20:04] <DustyFeathers> "Okay, I'll meet ya when I'm done." She looks around for SoftSpeak before floating to the ground and trotting over to her.

[20:04] * Triplecrown is now known as SoftSpeak

[20:05] <Marissa|Underscore> Say that again?

[20:05] <SoftSpeak> *doesn't need to be found, you were huddled under the light of her horn earlier, she's, like, standing on a table RIGHT THERE*

[20:05] * SolidGear is busy heading to the stairs leading to the roof of the cafeteria, thus doesn't know who all is following her.

[20:06] * DustyFeathers starts feeling embarrassed at the fact SoftSpeak was kind of right behind her all along. "So... Hi."

[20:06] * Crosscomet is busy eschewing the stairs in favor of trying to climb the caved-in rubble because she thinks it's faster. It probably won't be.

[20:07] <Luna> W-we're the ancient pony sisters. We were the first Equestrians, because we were its founders.

[20:07] <Marissa|Underscore> What.

[20:09] <Nod> but that would make you really old. ... No offence. It’s just you don’t look that old

[20:09] <Luna> *gets a bit flusttered talking about her age* Well when you achieve a c-certain level of magic. Y-you... I... M-my sister and I we

[20:10] <Luna> Sort of stopped aging.

[20:10] <Marissa|Underscore> I... you... Woah.

[20:10] * SolidGear arrives to the rooftop at just a little after CrossComet makes her way up the rubble, blinking at seeing Princess Luna, "Uhm...whoa, what's going on here?"

[20:10] <Marissa|Underscore> @[email protected]

[20:10] <Nod> whoa

[20:10] * Whiteout is no student of history, but is willing to take Luna at her word given the delicious sunlight currently trying to convince his flight senses that he's sitting in the middle of a thermal.

[20:10] <Luna> Nar: Climbing the rubble is faster!

[20:11] <Luna> Nar: > CC arrive on roof.

[20:11] <SoftSpeak> H-humiliated me? That's what you said right *puffy anger face cheeck*

[20:11] * SolidGear definitely appears much later than CC.

[20:12] <SoftSpeak> Nar: SG, will encounter strange ponysized cocoons in the stairwell

[20:12] <DustyFeathers> "Well, yes. At least, I believe I did, and I'm sorry."

[20:13] * SolidGear stops and stares at the cocoons, deciding to try and open one with a nifty little blade she keeps stowed into her metal hoof, being careful to not hurt the pony inside.

[20:13] * Crosscomet gets up to the roof, taking a bit more time than she expected. "Who are you guys? Did you cave the place in? Why would you do that?"

[20:14] <SoftSpeak> Yes. You are sorry. *horn light switches off* Humilate me! Know your place commoner.

[20:14] <Crosscomet> "Also, did you guys do the brightness or what this is? I have so many questions..."

[20:14] <SoftSpeak> *very agitated*

[20:14] <Marissa|Underscore> And... so... Wait, if it's your and your sister's job to do... whatever that was every day, why haven't you been doing it?

[20:16] <Luna> I was trapped in an endless nightmare v_v

[20:16] <Marissa|Underscore> Oh.

[20:16] * Whiteout winces.

[20:16] <Luna> :< and I don't know what happened to tia after that

[20:16] * Marissa|Underscore is beginning to figure out that any answers she gets will just confuse her more.

[20:17] <DustyFeathers> "Well, I wouldn't quite call myself a commoner, but I will refrain from such misdeeds again."

[20:18] * NiteBrite closes the RP, cut log here.

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