From Egs Mayhem

Auth's name is short for "Abomination Unto the Heavens". He was created when ChibiMe combined his own DNA with that of a common rosebush, then sucked it through a black hole and out a white hole, then had the somehow-still-living cells colonized by magical crystalline lifeforms who were then sacrificed to dark and nameless (and very, VERY Lovecraftian) gods.

The result was Auth, an amorphous, shadowy, formless, extremely tentacly sort of fellow with an inordinate fondness of hot tubs and only moderate loyalty to ChibiMe. Auth was the first of ChibiMe's sentient creations (the others being Computer and Gingivox). He was part of an ill-advised and ill-fated plot on the part of the evil chibi to summon the Demonic Lizardman Army and take over the world while simultaneously annoying Sage, but betrayed the effort to Sage in order to convince the god to spare his life. Since then, Auth has retired to the Far Realm, where he appears to be extremely popular with the xxxf'nhnklknziziziglackaschleprinas, and to have a generally good time which would drive you mad were you to look upon it. Mad!

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