Baio Bellet

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Baio (Luxus) Bellet is a cahractar used by Bain in the Yaghes RP.


Basic Information

  • Name: Baio (Luxus) Bellet
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Felinus/Vixen

Fighting Style

French Street fighting/Krav Maga Mix


A generic idea would be resembling the Ctarl Ctarl from Outlaw Star but with some foxen looks than catlike. He has Scruffy Red cut short in the front' put into a long ponytail in the back going down to his waist, the ponytail is black tipped. He has Grey-blue eyes. His skin is tanned. 6' 3" and 224. His tail, which falls down to is ankles is tipped black, like his hair. His preferred clothes are a white mantle, black pants, brown worn in leather boots and a beige tunic under is mantle. But back when he was in the mafia he wore a white suit with matching fedora.


Despite being hotheaded, Baio is a chivalrous person and would never hit a woman unless she was a powerful fighter.He has a very large appetite, but keeps thin because of a high metabolism and training.Though usually calm and somewhat rather arrogant, he sometimes becomes caring, if not in a warped way. While an expert at combat and solving puzzles.Baio has a hard time understanding more abstract concepts like love, which he thinks are fruits. He is very laid-back and, considering his laziness. He is very secretive, not even saying which family he belongs to.


Baio was born in Licisia to a Felinus and a Vixen Mother. By the time he was twelve he was a made man in one of the Maffiso families. By the time he was fifteen he was the best assassin in the family . But when he was sixteen he was disillusioned to the life of a mafioso. Back when he was in the mafia he was called Luxus. It is unknown how he got this strange name, or even what it means.

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