Barnie Pink

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Brief Description

Mr Pink may have a wussy name, and be old enough to have a free bus pass, but don't let that fool you. The man is a total Badass. He's also a half Ice Elemental and former Secret Agent. I say former, as he had a disagreement with his superiors and decided the establishment needed some, shaking up. And this young Durai seems to such a tool.

Psychical Description

A tall old man, with long white hair and beard, pale grey-green eyes and skin as white as snow. He normally wears concealing clothing, and in fact often goes for the Gandalf look, to conceal that fact his body is still quite athletic and toned despite his advanced years. Additional, he's rarely seen without a drink or a smoke in his hand.


A taciturn, chain smoking, borderline alcoholic, veteran badass. Despite encountering so much violence and corruption in his time, Barnie still tries to keep some hope in his heart. Alas, the cynicism is definitely winning.


He's An Ice Person. No, I'm not bothering with a link. Look it up yourself.

Apart from that, most of his powers are mundane badassery. As I've said, he's a spy that managed to survive to retirement age.

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