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Beede "Awake" - larger than actual size
Beede is an RP character performed by ProfessorTomoe. He is a rather unusual creature (bio here ), being basically a mobile, sentient sphere, 20 millimeters in diameter and made of an indestructible metallic-mineral compound.
Beede "Sleeping"

Beede first appeared in the LPW Hotel, room 314 (on this page of the new forums). He had no bloody idea where he was or how he got there.

The Story of The World

Beede first related the story of the world and the origin of his people in this post on page 2772 of LPW. It's a bit long and quite complex, but it is one of several basic bits of info required to fully understand what Beede is and why he is that way. (More will be revealed as the plot continues.) As of this writing, only Lomgren's characters, Rihal, and Jeremy Lightfoot have heard it in character.

Proverbs and Sayings of The World

Beede's people have several proverbs that they follow as a general guide to life. Beede tends to repeat these a lot, mainly since they are one of the few remaining ties he has to the world. They are listed here for reference:

  • All things are connected to each other, and to the world.
  • Kindness restores all who share its path.
  • May our path be clear, however it may end...and if not, at least let its story merit the telling!
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