Bellflower Acacia

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Bellflower Acacia.

Race: 75% Light Fae, 25% Fire Fae

Gender: Female.

Age: 1840

Height: 5"4'

Hair: Long and red.

Eyes: Green.

Clothing: Flowing, brightly coloured shirt (very tie-dye). Has several large, golden hoop earrings. Wears thin, flowing pants that go with her shirt. All in all, doesn't show much skin.

Bio: Her parents were both Light Fae, but her grandfather on her mother's side was a Fire Fae. While she is as peace loving as her fellow Wild Light Fae, she is a competent and agile fighter and knows how to defend herself. She is a very bubbly person (not quite 'Grace' bubbly, but still pretty bubbly), and loves to have fun. However, she is not very fond of the current Fae ruling class, and will probably join the group once she learns exactly what's going on.

Weapons: Bellflower is a competent and skilled fighter, and carries her Fire Fae grandfather's old short swords, Pain and Panic, which she uses to protect her village from outside threats such as Dark Fae.

Magic: None whatsoever. She has never tried to use magic, and doesn't consider it 'sporting'.

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