Ben Basic

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General Information

Ben is a very shy and even withdrawn boy who likes to read far more than is healthy and tends to shy away from large groups of people (or even just people in general if he doesn't know them to begin with). He has shoulder-length brown hair, big hazel-brown eyes, and is rather on the thin side. He's pale from spending much time inside reading, writing, drawing, painting, or other such activities, almost always with some form of music playing in the background. He tends to wear a lot of dark clothes, especially black, and carries around one or more sketchbooks, notebooks, folders, and a camera. He's approximately 5 foot nine, but at the age of sixteen that's likely to change within the next two few years. He has rather poor eyesight, but wears contact lenses despite his original preferance for glasses. He also has very low self esteem that is constantly being chipped away at by his friends, much to his minor annoyance and disagreement.

Friends and Acquaintances

Much to his surpise, Ben acquired numerous friends and acquaintances in his short span of existance. The ones to whom he is closest include Bobbie, his unexpected but quite loved girlfriend, and Elliot, whose original counterpart he knew before the split.


Theater, Books, Music, Painting, Writing (creatively), Photography, Drawing, Japan, Traveling, Ancient Egypt, Anime, Bobbie, The Duplication process, Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental illness/disturbances, Film, Some philosophy.

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