Benoit Kowalski

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Name: Benoit Kowalski

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Land of Origin: Canada

Personality: He used to be a total bully, and in fact, has been put into juvenile hall for such. Unlike many others, his stay in juvie has changed him for the better. He has a better time controlling his temper, but at least, he's realized that he doesn't have to beat up people to be validated. He can take that rage and put it into something else. Some suggested martial arts. Others suggested arts or dancing. His father suggested becoming a pro wrestler, like both his namesakes.

He didn't choose. And therein lies the problem. He has to find something to put all that rage into. His newly found geek friends decided to introduce him to paintable miniature games. He found that an enjoyable past-time, but not enough to say he was all up into it. The fact that it gives him something to do other than just knocking people on the head kills two birds in one stone.

Of course, his bullying stems from his deformities. They're also what caused all of the problems at juvenile hall. People bullied him as a very young child, and he retaliated in kind, eventually taking a liking to it and becoming a bully himself.

Appearance: Apart from his arms, which are covered by a thick, very hard exoskeleton, with side flaps on his forearms, and other flaps at precise locations (such as the shoulder) and his leathery wings, he looks like any normal teenager would look. Due to the nature of his deformity, he always wears a tanktop, which is easily put on, unlike shirts. Pants are usually jeans. He can also wear a blue jean coat with the sleeves ripped off, but if he does, he won't wear a tanktop.

Mundane Abilities: -Beating on people. -Intimidation. -Shoving people into trash cans. -Shoving people into lockers. -Knowledge and understanding of geek culture. -Painting and playing paintable miniature games.

Powers: -Flight -Hard exoskeleton bones for aerodynamics and self-defense.

History: As explained earlier, he bullied a lot of people. After being deemed too dangerous for normal school, he was sent into juvie for a year. He reformed, and then used his exoskeletony powers and flight for... loafing around. No one wanted to talk to him, due to a mean streak. In fact, only the nerds wanted anything to do with him because he was forbidden on beating on people. They accepted him, and he partook into their geeky hobbies, not really taking much of a liking to them, but understanding them, at least. He has no direction, nor purpose in life, and actively seeks one.

He discovered very young that he could fly, and a bit after that, that his exoskeleton made knocking people out a whole lot easier.

Extra: The exoskeleton covers mainly the arms, up to and including the shoulder area. However, some parts of it do cover the body, if only to link it to the body. I'd say there are small parts of it over the torso, but they are negligible at best.

As far as flying, it's a basic flight. He can fly at the speed of a bicycle being driven by a healthy man on a flat road. If he needs to go fast, it'll go fast. If not, not. That's the best answer I can give. Also, the only payload he'd be able to carry would be in his arms, and since he's using those for aerodynamism if he ends up having to glide, I'd say he can carry a small bag's worth of stuff if he glides. If not, it's still less than 40 pounds.

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