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by nokvok

Name: Benwour blue-skin-with-gray-eyes-who-could-be-a-girl
- To distinguish different Benwours, the Shivans don't use Family names (since they lack a family sense). But use underlining gestures which describe physical features. Of course in the times of literacy and phones, they got a little problem with that and the strange, long last names happen. Gender: Male
Age: 199 (The 200th is close)
Race: Shivan
Birthdate: 1809 - 1th of November
Birthplace: Mezuzah
Height: 6'02 (A little below average for a male Shivan)
Build: Slender and sportive, but a little androgynous.
Eye Color: A soft gray
Hair Color: Brown with a trend toward red
Skin Color: Blue with a trend toward green
Status: Single.
Player: nokvok
Theme Song:

Benwour is a quite handsome Shivan, at least for Shivans (and possible for Humans and maybe Naga). He is a little androgynous and increases this natural gift by they way he dresses and takes care of himself. His hair is very long and straight, got some bangs at the front which often hang into his face. He wears tight clothes if he can, sometimes even belly free or shirts which lack a sleeve or two up to the shoulders on one side. He likes to experiment with his appearance, too. He never would think about getting a permanent tattoo, though.

Benwour is as joyful, lighthearted and art-loving as excepted from a Shivan. He didn't feel the urge to mate yet, but he is a little xenophile and flirtatious, admiring the living body as one of the most beautiful things.
He lived most of his live in Mezuzah, a rather large city, and one of his favorite hobbys is wandering into the more rural areas for long walks (or drives). The other hobbies are of course creating art, especially sculpturing and music, but there is still so much he wants to try. He learned dancing, acrobatics, even tried archery, and his racial dexterity makes him excelling at those things of course. But sports is mostly a way to regain his creativity.
Benwour got a few very close friends at home, but easily acquires large quantities of acquaintances and loose friendships. Since he is often slightly spaced out and indecisive he tends to follow suggestions easily. There are a few things however he is stubborn about. For example, he does not like bullies or intriguers and does not associate with them. Life is too beautiful to make it sour for others.
He can be quite secretive about unfinished art projects.
It is to be noted: He is close to lose his magics by becoming addicted to caffeine, but he feels more creative after a sip of tea...

His parents were both fairly wealthy and didn't seem to mind supporting him in any ways possible to bring out his creative side. He's at this school cause of the possibilities to learn whole new inspirations from the humans and in general the mixture of cultures, well, that are his reasons.
It is really hard to spoil a Shiva, and Benwour, too is not really spoiled, though he lacks the experience of hardship.

Benwour would love to try playing in a band, He knows the guitar and the Violin. He got no musical preferences.

Major: Sculpture

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