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Brief Description

Bertha is a robot. A battle robot to be precise. With Amnesia. She doesn't even know her real name, Bertha being what her rescuer, Samuel, named her.

P.S. She was rescued from some Defence Force drones.

Physical Description

Bertha looks like a three foot square silver box. On her front is a black circle that she sees through. Her right arm ends in a three fingered metal hand, while her left in an energy cannon. Underneath, she has four articulated legs, each ending in three clawed foot.


Despite being a battle bot, Bertha really isn't a violent person. She will use violence when necessary, and is good at it, but generally only as a last resort.

A good way of thinking of Bertha is your typical shy, but decent girl. She's a little awkward socially, can get a little emotional/over excited, but is a decent, loyal individual. One exception to this archetype, however, is that Bertha can swear like a sailor.

Anothere exception to the stereotype is that Bertha isn't super eager to regain her memories. Being smart and reasonably genre savvy, she's work out that the DF designed her, she likely went rogue, last her memories in the escape attempt, but got rescued by Samuel. Of course, there's always the possibility she's involved in some complex gambit, but she prefers not to think about that.


First off, Bertha is sentient, free-willed and has a soul. Live with it bigots.

Designed for war, Bertha's body is very tough. In addition, Bertha's design involves advanced levels of EMP resistance, masking technology and even decent magic resistance.

Offensively, Bertha's energy cannon has recently been replaced with a F-Beamer, though one linked to her internal power, thus more powerful than usual.

Finally, Bertha is capable of restoring her batteries completely internally, though this can take time. As such, she has a "feeding port" at the back so she can plug into external power source too.

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