From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Billy

Age: 13

Appearance: Jeans, sneakers and a blue t-shirt. This short, red-headed boy wears large glasses over dirty-green eyes. He features some freckles and slight jug ears, but all in all he is much less a bully-magnet than it sounds.

Abilities: Billy can do math, read and write properly and his best sporty performance is being half way decent at athletics. His 'odd' ability is to create a sudden gust of wind which whirls and blows his hair in a dramatic way... this will work better once the hair is grown out a bit.

Personality: Billy is kinda smart, even though he does not have much motivation to put that smartness to use. He prefers the lazy ways and rather has fun than doing something useful. He got the unnerving habit to not speak up unless it's really necessary, sometimes talking to him is limited to a series of shrugs, nods and head shaking.
He is not exceptional brave, but indeed sometimes just too lazy/phlegmatic to react to something scary. Also he is 13 already and pretty much outgrown of believing into scary things.
Sociologically he is rather a follower or outcast than a leader or intriguer.

History: Billy remembers his parents being kind and supportive, but also pretty busy with work. School triggers nothing fearful for him, feels more like it was something between a bother and fun.
Also he 'thinks' he got a younger sister, but can't remember her face or name... weird that he still misses her.

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