Bion Castoriadis

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Bion Castoriadis
Age: 13 (Born 09/04 in 1999)
Height: 4'2"
Build: A bit short, but his proportions are allright, not slim, not thick.

Power: Radiating Projective Empathy (invasive) Bion does not have this power under controll. He radiates his Emotions in his closer proximity whenever his emotions become overly strong... or sometimes even at random. Deoending on strength and Situation the reach is somewhere betwee one and five yards radius. his emitted Emotions do directly interfere with other peoples emotions and overwrite them to an extend. It is not as strong or absolute as if his power where concentrated on just one target.

Appearance: Bion is a short, charismatic boy who's face shows his love for laughter and smiling. His blue eyes seem to allways spark joyfully and his nose wrinkles cute when he laughts. His hair is blonde with a small tendency toward red. It is about three inch long and very wild, but naturaly so.

History: Bion is one of three boys in a middle class Family in a small house in the suburb of the city. His father is of greek descendance and has a large set of relates who often come by for partys or barbeques. His mother is a rather timed woman from Idaho, where she also has a lot of family. Bion grew up in a well situated and healthy family, never much to worry, allways someone there to care for him and his brothers. He was allways liked and his precence appreciated. Someday new aquintances of his parents figured out that the strange cheerfull influence the happy boy had on everyone around might have to do with these Psi-powers. It took some convincing and time, but eventually they let Bion be tested... and in last consquence signed him up to Deegan Academy as soon as possible like they were being recommendet, since his power could fairly easy proove quiet inconvinient for his later live if he couldn't learn to controll it.

Personality: Hyper. Allways well mooded, quickly forgiving and joyfull. He's kind of an involuntary Jester and loves Laughing, wether from himself or others.

Possessions: Only standart stuff. Worldly possesion is rather... volatile in his hands.

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