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'''Name Written Western Style'''(Kanji, Name Written Eastern Style) is (a Player Character/an NPC) from the [[Bleach RP]]. (Character Position). (Other specifics). (If replacing someone)(He/She) replaces X as part of the erasure of the events of the Soul Society arc from the 'official' plotline.

== Appearance ==

* Height:

* Weight:

* Age:

** Apparent:

Physical Description

== Background ==

A Brief History

== Personality ==

How the character thinks</now0iki> <nowiki>== Summary ==

=== Shinigami Academy Arc ===

What the character did during the first arc of the RP

=== Mortal Happenings and Soul Beginnings ===

What the character did during the second arc of the RP

== Zanpakutō ==

The Zanpakutō's name, a description of it's sealed state, and a description of it's avatar

=== Shikai ===

The Zanpakutō's release command, a description of the sword in it's released state, and a description of the powers granted by this state.

=== Bankai ===

If it has been achieved, its name, and a description of what it looks like and what it does.

== Notes ==

* Any pertinent notes and trivia about the character

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