Bloody Hot Sauce

From Egs Mayhem

A substance shrouded in mystery and a curious red glow. It is a potent mixture of the hottest substances known to man, including, among other mysterious ingredients, Red Savina Habanero, Dorset Naga, Naga Jolokia and a dash of pure capsaicin itself. All up, it smashes the Scoville scale to tiny bits.
The recipe is a closely-guarded secret. Some whisper it was spat out of hell itself. Many have tried to imitate it, all have failed. It is a substance possessed only by In-Universe Piebunny and his two lesser counterparts. Whatever is in it, it can revive an unconscious person instantly, usually by means of spontaneous combustion. Drinking too much of it yields permanent flamebreath and a capsaicin high so intense you'll swear they were doing something very, very naughty.
Avoid if at all possible.

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