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Bob. Just Bob. It's not his real name, it's just what everybody seems to call him. Eventually, he just decided to go along with it.








A man with a fairly bland and uninteresting past, although they know some people who can do interesting things. However, there have been some fairly interesting events which he has played a part in.


Just part of the scenery, not worth notice. No, seriously. His height is about average - 5'10", or 178cm.


Bob blends into the crowd benignly, even if it's a crowd of one. It's not that he's invisible, it's just that people's minds seem to constantly filter him out as part of the background - the human mind just assumes that he's supposed to be doing what he's doing and moves on to more interesting things. This power is disrupted by interacting with a person in a way that forces the person to realize that somebody is there - checking-out at a store wouldn't count, smalltalk doesn't count, and being caught red-handed by the victim of an act of violence counts. In short, how likely he is to be seen is directly proportional to how obvious his actions are, how much they impact the viewer, and how important the actions are.
Barring extreme circumstances, there are only three real ways for the effect to be broken:
1: Direct eye contact - A person who makes eye contact with Bob will not be affected by his ability until it resets.
2: Acts of violence while the victim is looking at him - While other people will continue to disregard Bob, the effect would be ::broken for the victim. If the victim isn't looking at Bob, then all they see is 'benign crowd' when they turn around.
3: Pulling rank on the being that placed the curse on Bob - The curse was placed on him by a low/mid-ranked deity, but divine deceptions don't work very well at all on beings of higher rank, and are only somewhat effective on beings of equal rank.
In all cases, whoever the effect is broken for has no problem seeing Bob until he leaves the person's line of sight while being more than 10 feet away from them. After that, the effect resumes and they need to meet one of the above criteria in order to notice him again.
The more often the a person breaks the effect, the easier it becomes for them to do so. The eye contact doesn't need to be for as long a period of time or quite so direct, the acts of violence that go unnoticed become more and more mild, and divine detection becomes faster. If a person keeps spotting him, then eventually they would become immune to the effect. However, immunity means breaking the effect countless times, and isn't something that's likely to happen any time soon.
The effect does not carry over to recorded video, but does affect live feeds.
To make things simple: You don't notice Bob unless he hits you while you're looking at him. Nor do you notice anything that Bob does.


Although he's in decent shape, he's not very well versed in combat. He tends to hold his own in a fight as long as he has enough backup to make things chaotic, although he's not aware that it's because his opponents keep forgetting that he's not on their team.
To his credit, he's actually a pretty good marksman, and so when he needs to use a weapon he tends to choose accurate firearms.
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