Bob Long

From Egs Mayhem


Brief Description

Born into poverty, Bob tried to play by the rules. To do things as they should be done. To study hard, keep his head down, not make waves. Yet life, and God, continued to use him as it Chew Toy.

But he doesn't need to take it anymore.

Physical Description

A handsome young man, 19 to be precise, Bob has short, well groomed brown hair and green eyes. He normally dresses smart, but casual, but can dress up or down as necessary. He's also thinner than average, thanks to a poor diet and good metabolism.


Bob tried to be a nice guy. A pious guy. Even though, deep down, he new he wasn't. He did this because he used to believe in Karma and Divine Retribution and wanted to be rewarded for playing by the rules. However, two things have changed. First, he now knows the world doesn't work like that. Second, he's not weak anymore.


Bob was given the power to fire electromagnetic waves from his eyes. This requires concentration, but he can do anything from radio to gamma. Unfortunately, the higher the frequency the lower the power, so he can't gamma fry people. High intensity microwave bursts are another matter.

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