Bobbie Grikmeer

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Bobbie is a little different from most of the other duplicates. Where they were changed by a technological device, the Transformation Gun, she was hit by a spell from ancient times in New York's library. The guy seemed rather shocked with the response when she started wondering what was happening. She wasn't especially scared as she had wondered about similar things in her past, just freaked out that magic was real, having been a strict sceptic all her life. The mage took her to a warehouse where a Dewitchery Diamond was housed, and Rob touched the crystal.

After the initial change the two looked at each other. After a few seconds Rob burst out, "That's not fair. You've got longer hair than me!" which got them both laughing. The mage looked disappointed for some reason, but soon some guards walked into the room.

Rob and his duplicate were taken away and told about the standard procedure with these situations. They were told about their ability to manipulate the 'curse' and told that the duplicate would have to choose a name and be taken away to readjust to her body. This made Rob feel a little odd, that they would be taking her away from him, but he knew his parents wouldn't understand something like this. She chose to just feminise the name, instead of taking the name she would have had if born female, Wilhelmina.

She was then driven to the centre by some guards, who soon must have been annoyed at her singing along to her (thankfully duplicated) MP3 player. After 4 days driving, they arrived. When she got there, she found out that Rob had spent a load of their money and bought her a bass guitar.

Settling in


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