Brian North

From Egs Mayhem


Brief Description

The son of Mildred and the apprentice of Barnie, joining the DOD wasn't really a choice for young Brian. He isn't really sure what to think about this.

Physical Description

A shy, unassuming young man, early twenties at most, with brown hair tied back in a short pony tail and yellow/gold eyes. His physique is uninspiring, his limbs on the lanky side and his complexion pale and maybe a little sickly. At least, that's how he looks most of the time, as his heritage and his training have made him a master of disguise.


Barnie is a complete doormat with no real personality of his own. He just takes on whatever demeanour is currently needed, but only at the behest of others as he has no ambition or drive himself. Which of course just what he wants people to think. Though he IS actually a little shy, that's through lack of experience as opposed to any innate lack of confidence.

So what is his real personality, I hear you ask. Well, that would be telling. ;P


As stated, Brian is a master of disguise. Other than that, not much, other than he's a trainee spy.

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