Brian Robson

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Brief Description

Brian is another of Samuel's NPC. He used to work as a Channel Nine security guard. However, after his best friend died when the Sky Fire crashed on Horoun, it become personal, so gladly staid with Samuel. He has since been given a leadership position and is the Hero of his own Five Man Band.

Physical Description

Brian is a 25 years old human male, with shoulder length blond hair, a well-maintained goatee and dark red eyes. He normally dresses in swashbuckler style clothing, which includes a hat with a feather, and generally is always very well groomed.


Brian has a certain flair for the dramatic, expressed through actions and clothes and is also very vain about his appearance. Despite this, he's an intelligent, educated man, with a sarcastic sense of humour, who knows how to get things done. He also has a fair bit of UST towards his Lancer, Jill, though he will immediately deny this if brought up.


Brian is aware.

He is also a skilled shot with a pistol, a competent swordsman and, surprisingly, a good cracker who's speciality is viruses.

Finally, be can enter a rage based Super-Mode when fighting the T.W.A.T.s. When like this, his powers jump considerably, but he must vent by explaining why he hates them. Also, if they can verbally justify or defend themselves, he'll permanently lose the power-up.

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