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PixelHead's RP Character.

All information known about the character (plus some not said in the RP, given OOC for reference), as of August 13, 2008:

Name: Nathan

Species: Lycan Anthrosquirrel

Gender: Regularly Male, but can change genders

Age: Looks about 14, but may be older, due to the fact that he does not know his birthday.

Height: About 4 ft. normally, but can shrink down to 4 inches, as well as grow to 8 ft.

Other physical features

  • Squirrel form: Large pointy ears, bushy tail, paw-like feet, and light brown fur (like Grace).
  • Human form: Light tan skin.
  • Both forms: Bright blue eyes, short nose, flat brown hair on head (Short when male, medium length when female).

Known Powers

Can transform between anthrosquirrel and human forms, as well as shrink down to 4 inches and change genders. His clothing shrinks with him, and his undergarments change to a bra and panties when he transforms into a girl, and back again when he reverts to male. He also has an 8-foot form.

Current known belongings

Red shirt and jeans, and a mood ring, which he wears at all times, and can change size with him. He also has a dewrag that he obtained from his 'father'. The dewrag leeched the power from the mood ring when it started to hurt Natalie, and it is now a mood-rag. Heh.


Comes from a different dimension (not much is known about this dimension), was experimented on before escaping, and sent to the LPW dimension via a strange machine made for traveling to different dimensions, even though it hadn't been completed. Nathan was cursed into a 4 inch female because of the machine's incompletion when used. Nathan has recovered his memories and discovered that he was created in the scientist's lab. John X. Baker, the father of the boy Nathan was cloned from, sent himself to Kelmnar's dimension to learn magic, so that he could help free Nathan from the curse. When he finally had the dewrag completed, he sent Kelmnar to LPW to deliver the dewrag and a note, in a package, to Nathan. When Nathan put on the dewrag, the curse broke. This was also the same time Nathan learned his real name. He is also starting to gain memories from the original human whom he was created from.

Natalie was originally just the name of Nathan's female form, but when Natalie grabbed the Dewitchery Diamond from Debra's hands, she was split from Nathan. She's settled in fine, and they're both under Aragin's care. They even call her mom.

Other Info

Lovestruck by Debra.

In MY ROCK!!, currently integrated with the rock. Capable of using it as armor.

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