Bryan Renard

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Bryan Renard Age: 25 Gender: Male Race: Chimerate (hawk) Job: demonstration marksman. Works at a local theme park.

Description: Bryan is short, standing at almost a foot shorter than most people he meets. His body is covered in reddish brown feathers, with darker brown tips on his tail feathers and arm feathers. He has large, golden, hawk-like eyes and a hooked beak. He also has raptor-like feet with vicious looking talons. Despite looking like he would have wings as arms, his arms are actually closer to human arms with longer wing-like feathers on them (think a cross between a human arm and bird wing. I’m not sure of any better way to describe it). He prefers to wear loose fitting sleeveless shirts and cargo pants that don’t hinder his movement, while he doesn’t wear shoes because of his talons Although it isn’t obvious to anyone looking at him, he generally has at least one pistol hidden on him at all times, and as many an unsuspecting mugger has discovered, he knows how to use it. He also tends to have at least one spare clip of ammunition as well.

Skills/Abilities: Bryan has extremely accurate vision. He can see things clearly at greater distances than most because of his hawk-like eyes. He is dead accurate with just about any gun as long as he can have at least a few hours to get used to it. Even without getting used to a weapon first, he’s still a pretty decent shot. As a part of his job, he’s gotten to be a bit of a showman when it comes to guns. He knows some pretty fancy gun tricks, most of which (with the exception of a few methods of disarming a gunman) are completely useless, but which look cool nonetheless.

History: Bryan grew up on Foares, but he never stayed in one city for very long. His family worked for a traveling show, almost like a circus, which changed cities every few months. Both of his parents worked as performers. His mother was an acrobat, and his father was a marksman who amazed the audience with displays of accuracy and showmanship. His father hoped to bring Bryan into the family business, and so Bryan spent most of his time not spent on normal school work learning how to shoot. By the time he was 17, he had almost surpassed his father in terms of skill. By the time he was twenty, he was one of the group’s main attractions. This soon attracted the attention of an investor looking for attractions for a new theme park, and offered him double what he was being payed at the time. He refused at first, but his family soon insisted, telling him that it was too good an opportunity to pass up. He left for Celtar a week after being offered the job. Since then he has become known as one of the best show shooters on the planet, and has more than earned his hefty salary from the owner of the park.

Family: Mother and Father. No siblings.

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