Burrows and Bunnies

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"Burrows and Bunnies" is a DnD based fiction. It is centered around a game DMed by Paradox (despite supposed to be originally DMed by Jesse and played by Cameo, Drayco, Kyrio, and Grim. It also includes Villains and NPCs based off of other Bunnies. Jesse, the author, has decided to limit the cameoes this time around. Also, Grim decided he didn't like his character again and forced Jesse to make a few changes

Update: As of Chapter 3, Jesse is also a player.


A Half-Elven Lv16 Barbarian with a low INT, WIS, and CHA score and a high STR, DEX, and CON score. She wields a large battle axe possesed by a tame lightning elemental named Ting Yi and a magic spear She is Chaotic Good with Neutral tendencies.

A Half-Dragon Lv10 Rogue / Lv6 Fighter with a shady disposition and honorless style of fighting. He wield a high CHA, INT, and DEX score, but not as high as Cameo's high scores so as to keep his STR, WIS, and CON moderate. He is Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies. He wield two scimitars, each possesed by an elemetal of ice and fire respectively name Khold Hearted and Rasvim respectively.

A Human Lv16 Wizard specializing in the school of Necromancy by giving up Abjuration and Transmutation. He is the leader of the group so far as he is really good at planning, but would otherwise leave spokemansship to others. He has a high WIS and INT score and below average CHA, CON, DEX, and STR. He used to be Lawful Neutral, but Grim asked to be True Neutral. Therefore, he is True Neutral with Lawful tendencies and a gravitation toward Good alligned people. He wished to become a Lich without commiting the evil atrocity recquired to do that. He wield a Skull Staff and Gauntlets of Specialization's Savior

A Kobold Lv16 Cleric from a furrier sub-species serving a currently unknown god. He is Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies, making him the more morally compelled individual of the group. His stats are all average. He wields a morning star called 'Rising Sun,' (a direct reference to the weapon itself), and a magic shield with power centering around allignment.

A Gnomish Lv16 Bard with a large afro. He is Chaotic Good and the second most morally compelled individual in the group. His CHA and DEX stat are very high and his other stats are below average. Especially WIS but INT is not so much. He wields a magic guitar / piano possesed

A Halfling Lv20 Wizard with Necromantic specialty and no talent in the schools of Evocation and Conjuration. He is Chaotic Evil. He has low WIS and STR but high AGI and INT. He is insane and enjoys killing. He wields a Skull Staff.

A Elven-Lich Lv20 Cleric of Quadraxis. He is Lawful Evil but has the spells of a Chaotic Evil deity. He has high CON, WIS, INT, and CHA but very low STR and AGI. His soul is located in his helm.

  • Miburo the Hunter (Based of a user of the CBUB forums)

A Lv20 Rougue / Lv15 Monk with race unknown. He is Lawful Evil and has high stats in everything. He is carries a reperatoire of weapon made to kick anyone's ass.

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