C-f3 ('C')

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: C-f3 ("C")
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance: Greyish pale skin wrinkles around a skinny Body of around 5'4" height and 95 lbs. The dirty-green Eyes lie deep and dark in the hairless skull whose only features seem to be small pointy ears and a stub nose... and a small lipless mouth which rarely opens to display a row of sharp, pointy teeth. His fingers are long and thin, as are all of his limbs and his neck. He is dressed in worn out, but clean, formerly white clothes of plain cut. The shirt still has some stripes and seams indicating its past as compulsion jacket. His voice is high pitched, but not uncomfortable to listen to. It is apparent that he rarely speaks, as he speaks slow and silent.

Personality: His silence and watchfulness make him appear shy and slow-witted, but most of the inmates and scientists have noticed by now that he is fairly intelligent, playing a mean game of chess. He is the charitable kind. Always helpful, always passive, never has he been seen to be angry or violent. He likes books, music and art... he even complained twice to the scientists that the inmates don't get enough of those... which startled the scientists, since it was the only time he ever complained about anything.

Advantages/Disadvantages: He is weak and not overly fast, but despite his appearance, he is probably the sturdiest of all the Inmates. His bones never break, he rarely bleeds, even if cut open, and apparently he doesn't need air or sleep, and is resistant to many poisons. He has no special offensive powers... aside from his sneakiness maybe... but his cells generate a special Kirlian field which allows him to heal himself (and with much effort, even others!) by mere concentration... although this ability is limited. He eats little, but what he does eat he seems to consume without waste. The sanitary facility of his cell was used only a handful of times, ever. He doesn't sweat, neither does he lose dead skin cells.

History/Background: As part of the 3rd series of Experiments he was created as a clone from an unknown donor, with the intention of creating an unstoppable fighter. The Experiment was partially successful, but after several failed attempts to "finish" the experiment the scientists realized that the thought of creations they themselves had trouble killing wasn't exactly comforting. They decided to keep him around somewhat longer to research his weaknesses before they applied their results to other, possibly more vicious experiments. After a while they got used to his distant, calm nature and started to allow him more and more activities due to his inability to seriously harm someone, starting with books, a frequent game of chess and finally allowing him to visit the small library, and even to visit some of the more dangerous experiments. They are still unaware of his ability to heal others, though.

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