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A copy of the resident Lommy of Carrot..?, who migrated to LPW.

He looks exactly like RLommy, except for having brown and grey stripes in his fur.

He is in love with 2001, and the two of them were at one time looking to open a bar together, somewhere in LPW. However, 2001 became Lost in Thought and is now blindly following CLommy2 wherever he goes, due to her love for him.

Most recently, CLommy2 was one of the ones affected by the backlash from the destruction of the Meadow, and now appears to be in a very deep slumber.

Note: He is referred to as "CLommy2" to prevent confusion with RLommy, but is never called this IC; he is always called just "Lomgren" or more commonly "Lommy". Sometimes also called "Stripes".

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