CTW Space Forces

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An alien menace looms over Fort Mayhem... Their purpose is unknown, but they seem to be aligned with ChibiVOR.



Formerly a Oriskany class TDF carrier, it was the first ship infected by the alien entities.

Known weaponry and defenses

  • TARVIS portals - The Oriskany seems to hold someone with the authority to use ChibiVOR's time-bending TARVIS device. These portals can be used to remove enemy fire by sending it to another time and place. Can also be used to turn weapons fire back upon the firer.
  • "Black goo" - A strange form of point-defense, this organic sludge is released by the Oriskany to intercept enemy projectiles. Once released, it spreads out like a web to capture and consume physical projectiles. It also gives off a moderately strong magnetic field, which can disrupt the targeting systems of "smart" weapons.
  • Energy weapons - Beam-like. Probably magical in nature.
  • Acid blobs - Very strong acid, launched at railgun speeds.

Incorruptible and Righteous Glory

A pair of ships formerly of the Sari fleet under the command of Saric Krass.

Known weaponry and defenses

  • Entropy pulse - A pulse of magical entropy is created by the ship. While the range is too small to make it an effective weapon, it can drain energy weapons and nearby fighters.
  • Devourer missiles - Missile-like creatures that live only to consume.

Drill Fighters

Grown from whatever small, short-range craft are available, these living ships bore into the hulls of other ships to spread the infection and assimilate new forces.

Kitten Collective Spheres

While not related to the strange, infected fleet, several rogue Yarn Spheres also menace the space above Fort Mayhem by ChibiVOR's orders.

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