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Basic Description

Calica is a holy art. Some people are born with it, but most people must obtain in from Sevilin herself. Calica can only be used by people of good alignment. It has no offensive spells normally, but a Calica user in SuperCalica or HyperCalica will be able to use offensive magic, though the latter no longer exists. Calica is powered by concentration, faith, and the will to do good. Casting too many spells will cause Calica Exhaustion.

Special Powers

Calica wizards can…

  • talk to animals (And humans, of course, if the wizard is an animal).
  • Resist all forms of mind control and possession.

Known Spells

Note from Joat: Linkified/categorized a few spells. I’ll finish the rest of them eventually.

  • Kamikaze Spell
  • Bless
  • Teleport
  • Mind Reading
  • Telepathy
  • Fire Resistance*^: Complete protection versus fire. Effective until cancelled or two hours have passed.
  • Cure Disease: Pretty self-explanitory.
  • Cure Wounds: Heals wounds. Costs energy proportional to the severity of the wounds being healed.
  • Full Heal: Heals everything. That includes disease, wounds, curses, that scar you got twelve years ago, everything. Naturaly, can leave a Calica mage exhausted for a day or more.
  • Resurrect: Raises the dead. Will not heal wounds, so a Cure Wounds may need to be cast on the corpse before resurrection can occur. Can and will leave a Calica mage exhausted for days.
  • Remove Curse: Pretty self-explanitory.
  • Exorcism: Rarely effective unless cast by a powerful Calica mage. Will expel any ghosts from the area.
  • Disenchant: Will remove enchantments from objects, places, and people. Requires help of two other mages (Calica or not) to cast.
  • Breathe Water*^: Will allow the target to breathe underwater, but will not prohibit the target’s ability to breathe air. Effective until cancelled.

* Will not activate if the target does not want it to. Will deactivate at any time the target wills it to do so.
^ Long-term spell.

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