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Brief Description

Smith, as he likes to be known as, is a 19 year old human male. He's also a local celebrity, as despite his young age Smith is one of the heroes of the Crossover Wars. Afterwards, he retired from a life of violence and hid himself away, not wanting to engage in Mayhem's Civil War. That is, until Samuel and Co tracked him down...

Physical Description

Smith is Caucasian and short for a guy, only about 5' 5", but well muscled. Not excessively, as he's also quite athletic, so think quarterback, not linebacker. He has dark blue hair, with lighter highlights, normally worn in a spiky style, but sometimes as a mullet. His eyes are back. Finally, he normally dresses very casually, in black and blue colours.


While Smith still maintains aspects of his old, fun loving self, the events of the war made him a much more serious individual, capable of introspection, leadership and making hard decisions. However, wherever possible he still talks and acts like your average teenager, so expect "Dude" to be used a lot in conversation.

Also, while Smith was once a devote Authorian, coming face to face with his so called gods during the War has somewhat diminished his opinion of them. Of their wisdom anyway, if not of their power.

Finally, his favourite film is the Matrix, which is why he likes to go by "Smith."


Smith is both Aware and Awakened, with many spells. These are listed in the next section.

Smith is also incredible strong, he can use other people as clubs, and agile. He's also a effective brawler, though not a trained martial artist, and has a keen, tactical mind. This includes psychology.

Finally, Smith can breath in space. Because he's THAT AWESOME!


  • Drain Object: By touching an object, Smith instantly gets the "benefit" from it. Food is drained of nutrition, with the remains, "unprocessed" before you ask, left behind. Magic Items, unless they're permanent, are drained to replenish his Spiritual Energy. Finally, energy weapons or similar are drained to triple Smith's magic power for a short duration.
  • Force Field: Just like Greg, Smith can protect himself with his Spiritual Energy. Weak attacks are just stopped dead. More powerful attacks can only be stopped a limited number of times before the field needs to be recharged, which happens automatically when Smith replenishes his SE. Finally, really powerful attacks just blasts right through the field as if it isn't there. One final note, while active, the Force Field totally protects Smith from Mind Control and similar attacks.
  • Hover Board: What? Smith liked Back to the Future 2, OK? So what do you expect his Flight spell to be like?
  • Magic Bolt: This spell allows Smith to fire a reasonably powered energy bolt. This is both quick to cast and cheap. However, Smith also has the option of charging, focussing his magic for a more devastation attack. This requires concentration, of course, but not so much that Smith can't still dodge. Originally, he had no limit to this, however, he's recently had himself geased so the best he can do is a Wave Motion Blast.
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