Carson Morogh

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Carson Morogh

CodeName: Selkie

Gender: Male

Age: 18

DNA Mix: Human/Seal

Personality: Carson is a relaxed fellow who enjoys nothing more than swimming. Though he'd prefer the open sea to any contained water.

Appearance (Human): Of average build and height, Carson has short dark hair that is constantly slicked back. Though this is due to the water he swims in regularly rather than gel.

Appearance: (Mixed): Growing sleeker and larger, Carson's feet become more flipper like, as do his arms and legs. Though his hands still possess fingers capable of gripping objects effectively.

Background: Carson was designed on a combination of a desire for an aquatic assassin and one of the scientists fondness for the Selkie myth. So far he doesn't seem to have much trouble with the idea. Though targets for him are fewer due to his specialised nature.

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