Cassandra Drake

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Cassandra Drake
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Accountant in the HR department.

Caucasian with a hint of Asian. Average high with long legs, flawless business attire and subtle make up. Long black hair put up in a knot behind the back. All in all she emits the aura of a stereotypical business woman. Cool, calm and calculating. To add to that she is very attractive, so that she meets certain other stereotypes.

Law-abiding. She goes by the rule. Numbers and algorithms, strictly performed methods. Access restriction, supervising, payroll classes, taxes... all those things make sense to her. Humans don't. She's a bit dense whenever it comes to social things, and that makes her appear somewhat arrogant and/or cold, but she really isn't. She just doesn't know how to judge people and often takes things the wrong way or follows the saying 'better save then sorry'. She smiles rarely, and never at work.

She's the single child to an plane engineer and his wife. At school and college she was always a bit mousy, but during her last job at a large Pharmacy company she got a bit more direct. Although she still haven't had a boyfriend yet. And she's already 24.

Math, Law, EDP, Programming, Make-up, Aerosol sprays.

She always carry a small pack of pepper spray with her in a subtle pocket of her dresses. She also got a taser in her purse. The IT department at her last job was horrid, so she rather learned herself how to work a computer far beyond the point an accountant needs to know. She even read a few electronic books. She does not need glasses even though her vision is not perfect. But she uses glasses when doing long work on paper instead of the PC.

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