Cassandra Raieh

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Name: Cassandra Raieh

CodeName: ???

Gender: Female

Age: 15

DNA Mix: Couple of cat species, human (of course)

Abilities: Experienced hacker, good with electronics and security systems (direct interface). Very stealthy and sneaky. Has built-in prosthetic devices and replacement parts in her to aid this stuff (parts of her brain, her tail-bones, bits of her digestive systems and has kind of bracelet-things that have snap-out metal claws that can be fired as high-electric tazers. Also one bionic eye, and an antenna in her tail. Needs recharging as conversion rate to electricity from normal food is low.

Personality: Very quiet, slightly shy, has a habit of wandering around quietly. Sometimes spaces out due to hacking side-effects. Occasionally makes a big scene when she wants to be seen.

Apperance (Human): Kind of oriental looking, slightly pointy ears and dark black hair. Retains her tail in human form (due to implants, to revert it would badly hurt and tear bits of circutry and stuff out of her). Short (5 feet tall). Has a metal plate in her front left shoulder area (just under her collarbone) with recharge/connection port. Appearnace: (Mixed): Very lithe black furred catlike anthromorph, w

Backround: Having had several operations (with the results being painful for quite a while) throughout her life Cassie tends to be withdrawn slightly, though she tries to maintain in good cheer. Having refused to kill personally in tests, nearly becoming cataconic (pun not intended) when attempted to be forced to, she's nevertheless not been discarded as a failure - as she's more of an espionage agent than an assassin, she's been kept. Not to mention her bionic parts and operations were nearly just as expensive as the uryonym eggs and stuff, so the agency is loathe to simply remove her.

Kit: Interface hacking gear (a small set of tools and cables on a thick belt on her waist, it holds both some advanced gear like drives and smart interface links, and basic stuff like wirecutters, screwdrivers and quicksolder. Hacking stuff.

Several sets of special glasses/goggles, the better to see you with (nightvision, IR vision, computer overlay stuff... also has microphones and earpieces). Adjustable so you don't need human ears to stay on your head. (She doesn't need them herself, because of her bionic eye and robo-bits, but will provide them to the rest of the squad).

Set of espionage equimpent, mainly pinhole cameras and microphones that can be placed carefully, slowly lowered via string or thrown to stick to stuff. Also a few tracker devices to track stuff.

Special electromagnetic light assault rifle - runs of either internal batteries or can be run off Cassie's internal batteries if necessary. It fires a variety of bullets, however Cass has hacked the computer inventory system so she always gets issued with only tranquiliser darts. It can fire at a variety of speeds, though almost always she fires it with subsonic speeds and nonleathal velocities.

Cassandra is an alternate version of Cassie Raieh. Character of Reaver225.

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